Saturday, July 15, 2017

Cross Country Palisades Hike!

We had an awesome summer hike with the Rocky Mountain and Bonneville cross country teams! We hiked to Upper Palisades Lake! We had about 35 hikers this year! The summer running program is growing rapidly! We had awesome hikers, great adults helping, 3 cute horses, and perfect weather! It made for a great day! The hike was between 14-15 miles, and the kids were troopers and did great!

Our hiking crew!
Everyone meeting one of the horses before we started!
Here we go!
Alaina, Dylan, Sierra, Mason, Bailey, Lexi, Levi, Parker, Kayla, James, Kaylyn, Breeanne
The Hammers brought 3 horses. They were the sweetest! They even packed a fun surprise up to the lake for everyone!
The scenery on this hike never gets old, no matter how many times I do it!
Taking a break at the lower lake.
The Hammers brought Creamies up to the lake for everyone. The horses packed them in with dry ice. How cool is that?!? It was a fun surprise!
Yay for ice cream!
Bailey was the first one all the way in the water! Not a big surprise there!
Way more people than I expected ended up going in the freezing lake! It's amazing what a little peer pressure can do!
I love this picture so much! Seth and Braydon are hilarious!
Mark was great! He took the lead, and I took the back on the way up. Then he ran back and forth between all the groups on the way down. He got a good workout in, and a few more miles then the rest of us.
I can't believe she is a senior! Next year she will be one of the adult leaders on the hike! Crazy!

So beautiful!
These two earned their ice cream! When they got to the upper lake, they dropped their packs and went down the trail to help everyone else finish. They did the same thing when they got back to the car. They hiked back up the trail to help Levi and Alaina finish. They hiked a few extra miles to help the younger kids who were struggling, and they didn't even think twice about it. That's why I love them so much!
I love doing the summer running program each year. The hike is one of my favorite "practices" of the summer. I've already started thinking about where we'll go next year!

Chukars Game!

The one thing we miss about Mark working at Baker, is the suite at the Chukars games! It was one of our favorite things about summer. We hadn't been to a game in awhile, so we were excited when Walsh Engineering got tickets for their employees and their families. We spent a fun night at the game, and they won!

Bailey, Charlie, and Mason
Mark, Charlie, and Tricia

I hope we get to go again soon!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Island Park Weekend

We spent a fun weekend in Island Park for Mark's BYU-I ward activity! We camped at Wade's cabin on the Island Park Reservoir. So fun! Jeff cooked an awesome dutch oven dinner for everyone on Friday night. Then the kids hung out around the fire and played guitars and sang songs. The girl's slept in the cabin, and the boys pitched tents in the yard. We had breakfast in the morning, and then headed to the lake for the day. Mark rented paddle boards, kayaks, tubes, and rafts for the kids to use. Wade's son also brought his boat up so everyone could go tubing. It was a blast!

Here are some of the BYU-I students that spent the night. More came up on Saturday morning. They are so fun!
We walked down to the lake on Friday night. The area is so pretty!
Campfire songs!
Wade, Jeff, and Mark-These three are a dynamic bishopric! They are so great, and the students love them!
Blowing up the water toys!
She was so excited to be at the lake! We used to do 'Water Wednesday,' and go to a different water park each week during the summer.  This summer she has to be all grown up, and have a couple jobs, so we don't get to do that anymore. This was her first water day of the summer, and she loved every second of it!
I love this picture! Mason and Bailey jumping in!
Bailey did an ab workout while Mason paddled her around the lake! :)
Bailey and Mason had so much fun on the tube! I was laughing so hard at Bailey's expressions! There is never any wondering what she's's all right there on her face! I wish I would have brought my phone on the boat so I could have filmed them.

Such a beautiful place!

When everyone went back to the cabin to have lunch, Mason, Bailey, Aubrey, and I stayed at the lake to watch all the water toys. We got too hungry to wait for them to bring us food, so we busted out the cracker jacks and gold fish.
Everyone had a great time! Bailey and Mason were nice and sun burned by the end of the day. The college kids are already asking if they can plan to do it again in a couple weeks!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

4th of July!

We had an awesome 4th of July! We got up early and watched Bailey run the Firekracker 5K. She did great! She got a 21:28, which is really good considering she hasn't been doing much speed stuff over the summer. She was the 13th female out of 352.  Good job Bailey!

Mason ran part of it with her.
Finishing strong!
Sierra and Bailey
 After the race we went to the Idaho Falls parade. It's really lame, but for some reason we go back every year, and always manage to have fun!

Bailey and Mason at the parade!
 Sawyer came down after the parade. We had a BBQ, and then played spikeball for awhile. It was really hot, so we ended up in the basement watching a movie. 

Spikeball! They are pretty funny to watch!
These two were so happy all day! They love when everyone is home! Reeses had a permanent smile on her face!
 Then we were off to the fireworks! They changed locations, and set them off at Snake River Landing this year! The launch pad was WAY bigger, and the fireworks were twice the normal size. It was one of the top 5 firework shows in the nation. There were big fields to sit in, and it was super fun to have most of the crowd in one location. The show was AWESOME! The whole change was great! Mark even figured out a great place to park, so we were home in no time! 

I love these people!
So sad that this was their last firework show together for 2 years! Glad it was a good one!
Happy 4th of July!

Utah weekend!

We spent a fun weekend in Utah! We kicked it off on Friday with Lance and Sarah's wedding! It was a beautiful sealing in the Draper Temple. Mason went through the temple the weekend before, so he was able to be there to see his dad and Sarah get sealed. So cool!

Bailey and Mason
Sarah and Lance
 Sawyer met us in Utah on Friday night. On Saturday, we went through the Timpanogos Caves. We hadn't been through the caves since the kids were little. 

Timpanogos Caves
It was Mason's first time through the caves.
There is a 1 1/2 mile hike to get to the cave entrance. I love it! It's steep, but it's so beautiful!
I love American Fork Canyon!
Cave entrance
Inside the caves.

The Heart of Mount Timp!
It was cold inside!

My favorite picture of the weekend!
I had to take a bunch of pictures at this spot because they were both being dorks. I needed to get a good one, because I remembered that I had one from years ago in the same spot!
How cute is this!?!
On the way back down.
 After the caves, we went to Olive Garden for dinner, and then to the Stadium of Fire! We love our Stadium of Fire tradition, and we're so glad that it fell on a different day as the Idaho Falls 4th of July celebration, so we could do both. The entertainment was Hunter Hayes, Brian Regan, and Little Big Town. They were all great!

Goofing around at the parking lot party before the Stadium of Fire started.

Frozen Lemonade for the win! It was stinking hot!
We love when they parachute the flag into the stadium! We also love the fly bys!
The color guard was extra big this year! They even had horses!
The Stadium of Fire dancers were fun to watch like always!
Hunter Hayes kicked off the concert! He was so cute!


Brian Regan was really good! I was laughing at Sawyer most of the time. He knows all of his jokes, so he would be cracking up before Brian Regan even got to the punch lines.
Little Big Town sounds exactly the same in concert as they do on the radio. They were really good live! I was disappointed that they only played for 30 minutes, and they didn't do a lot of their big hits.  I was super excited to hear Painkiller, and they didn't do it! Bummer!


The fireworks were awesome! They let them off to some fun songs this year!


Bailey's favorite part of the night is usually the dance party in the parking lot after the show!

We drove home on Sunday! Bailey and Mason stopped at Temple Square on the way home. He gave her a promise ring while they were there, and she was pretty dang excited about that. The next two years will be rough for them, but it will all work out if it's supposed to. It will be fun to watch it all unfold.