Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ogden Adventure!

Bailey wants to sky dive for her 18th birthday. So, for Christmas, we got her an 'Ogden Adventure' that included indoor skydiving at iFly, rock climbing at iRock, and indoor surfing at Flow Rider. We headed to Ogden on a Saturday so she could redeem her present. She had a blast! She's hooked, and wants to go back and do it all again!
We stopped at the Brigham City Temple on the way down to do baptisms.
iFly was so fun! She took a short class that gave her instructions on the position she needed to be in, signals to watch for, and how to make slight changes with small movements. Then they got geared up and ready to fly. She got two 1 minute flights. On the second flight, part way into it, the instructor held on to her and took her up to the top of the wind tunnel and back down really fast several times. She said it didn't look like much in the video, but it was such a rush. She said it was even hard to breath when you got to the top. She loved it!

All geared up and ready to fly!
She just got into the tunnel, so her instructor is helping her learn the correct position.
Flying solo!
I love this picture! She was grinning the whole time!
This is her first flight.

This is her second flight.

When she was done skydiving, we headed over to iRock, for some rock climbing. She made it to the top, but her forearms were so sore!

She made it!

After the rock climbing, she went indoor surfing at Flow Rider. This was hilarious to watch! She did it for an hour, and wiped out enough times that she was pretty banged up by the time we left. She had a couple good rides on the surf board, and lots of very impressive crashes! There were some CRAZY college guys on the opposite side from her. I'm so glad Bailey wasn't in their group. They were nuts! One of them ended up at the bottom, and his shorts were at the top. I was DYING! So funny! Bailey couldn't decide if she liked the sky diving or surfing better. She said they are both super fun, but in totally different ways.

Getting started with the rope. 

She loved the boogie board too, but she was determined to get the surfing figured out.
She had a pretty good ride on this one! 
She made it up and back down again before she crashed.
This post wouldn't be complete without some wipeout videos. Some of them were so funny!


She did pretty good on this one, but the crash was bad!

When we were finished, we tried to do baptisms at the Ogden Temple, but it was too long of a wait. We'll have to go back to that one another day. Super fun adventure!

Ogden Temple

Young Women Recognition Award!

Bailey finished her personal progress, and received her Young Women Recognition Award. We're so proud of this cute little stinker. She worked hard to get her medallion, and she's already started working toward her Honor Bee.

Good job Bailey Rae!
She chose a silver madallion. So pretty!

Happy LOVE Day!

We had a great Valentine's Day! We sent a fun package to Elder Varvel, Bailey got a fun surprise, and me and Mark had a great date!

Sending some Valentine's Day love to our missionary!
She's the cutest little Valentine!
She got the best surprise! She gets to swim with the dolphins at Sea World when we go down to CA for spring break. She's SOOOOOO excited!

We bought snow shoes for our Valentine's Day present to each other. I'm so excited to try them out! Unfortunately, there is no snow! We also went on a date to the gun range! Hahaha, what better way to express our love, then by shooting stuff! It was super fun though! We want to take Bailey next time. She would love it!

Look at my romantic target! :) 
Mark was way better than me!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

XC Skiing Adventure!

Last year Mark and I went xc skiing for the first time, and really liked it. We were excited for Bailey to try it out this winter. We made a deal that if none of us missed a day working out in January, then we would go skiing at Harriman in Island Park. We had so much fun! Bailey ended up really liking it! Last year it was a beautiful, sunny day when we were there. This year it was rainy, dark, and overcast. It gave the park a whole different look. Either way, the park is equally gorgeous! The snow conditions weren't the best, which caused a lot of falls...oh wait, maybe that was just our lack of ability! Hahaha, either way, the crashes were hilarious! Bailey and Mark never fell hard, but they fell a ton of times. It was so funny watching them try to get back up. I only fell once, but it was a big one! I wiped out right at the bottom of one of the hills. Bailey was watching me and didn't even laugh at first because she thought I knocked the wind right out of myself. I fell backwards and landed flat on my back. I was laughing so hard I couldn't even breath! Good thing snow is soft! Once Bailey realized I was still alive, she got in a good laugh over it! We went about 7.5 miles. It's a pretty good workout. We're excited to go back up there. If we don't miss any workouts in February, then we're going back up to snow shoe! I'm super excited about that!

Getting ready to start!
Here we go!
She had lots of fun!
I love all the trumpet swans! There are tons of them!

They're pretty cute! :)

The sky looked cool like this all day!

Hahaha! I was a little bit behind them because I was taking pictures. I came around the corner to this! He had to take his skis off to get back up! 
So pretty!

Pictures for Elder Varvel! Can't wait to have Sawyer do all of this fun stuff with us next winter!

Super Bowl!

We had a fun Super Bowl party at the Temples! It's all about the food, half time show, and the commercials! Which were all great by the way! I am proud to report that me and Bailey actually paid attention to the game this year. We really did....we watched the whole thing! It was a good game (other than the lame call at the end). 

Here's just a small portion of the food we had. And get a load of cute Grayson cheesin' in the back!
Bailey and Kassie

Bailey, Kassie, Jeremiah, Tricia, Mark, Greg and Diana. 
And here we have Kassie pinching Bailey's bum with a grabber toy!

Puppy Love!

Bailey went to school one morning feeling fine, and before her first class was even over, she had to come home. She got super sick. It didn't last long, but for a few hours it hit her like a ton of bricks. She could barely even drive herself home. She walked across campus to her car, and then had to lay down in the backseat for a while before she could drive. Poor thing! As spazy and hyper as Reeses is, she sure has a sense when something isn't quite right. She was so worried about Bailey. The dogs aren't allowed on the carpet, but I finally told her she could get up on the couch for a minute, so she could see that Bailey was okay. She's the cutest thing EVER! She was so sweet! She just snuggled and loved on Bailey for awhile. She's hardly ever calm, but she was as calm and gentle as can be. She kept inching her way forward so she could give Bailey kisses on her chin. I seriously love that brown fur ball to death!

Cuddle buddies!
So sweet!
Puppy Lovin!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Daughters of a King

We had a beautiful New Beginnings program for our Young Women last night. Our theme was 'Daughters of a King.' To lead up to the night, we had a mutual activity where the girls got all dressed up, and we took pictures. It was such a fun activity! The girls had so much fun, and they would have stayed there all night trying on dresses if we had let them. They all looked so beautiful! Abby put the pictures into a slide show for our  New Beginnings program. It turned out so great! I love my calling. I love all the ladies I serve with, and I love all of our girls!

Esther had so many beautiful dresses for them to try on!
The girls either came all done up, or they helped each other get ready at the church.
We had two photo shoot areas set up. The girls had fun getting their pictures taken.
While all this was going on, I was going around getting some candid shots with my phone. It was weird seeing Bailey all dressed up, and realizing she has less than a year left until she can actually go to dances!

So pretty!
One of my favorite pictures of the night! Check our my awesome photo bombers in the back! I seriously love those two girls! 
Hahaha, they were being Barbies!
 Here are a few of Bailey's final pictures!

This one is my favorite!
Bailey told me she could never be a model, because she couldn't be serious enough. She laughed through most of the photo shoot! I love this though, because it totally shows her personality.