Wednesday, February 22, 2017

She's More Than a Tattooed Mormon!

Our stake had a youth morning-side with Al Fox/Carraway, author of 'More Than a Tattooed Mormon.' It was so great! She shared a powerful message, and was so cute doing it! We got to meet her afterwards. She signed our book, and we got pictures. Mark helped with the morning-side, so he got to have lunch with her, her husband, and the other stake leaders.

Signing our book!
She was so gracious and fun!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! We had a fun day spreading the love! :)

Bailey received the most love!
From us, Bailey got candy, and a Harry Potter bracelet and necklace to wear at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter over spring break. She can always count on me to help her get into full nerd character!
Mason gave her candy and a dozen roses!
Our cute breakfast!

I was home during the day, but at some point Mark snuck in and left me my favorite chocolate cake!

I got Mark candy, and a coupon to order the gun holster he wants.

We gave Sawyer a Valentine too, but Mark had to take it to him in Rexburg, so we don't have any pictures.


Bailey had a great time at the Sweethearts dance! Here's the story....

The Asking
Let me start by saying that everyone should be astounded by how classy my daughter is (insert eye roll here). The pictures tell the story! One of Mason's teachers was holding the toilet seat when the kids were coming into the classroom. Once everyone was seated, she said she needed to present someone with their royal throne, and gave Mason the toilet seat. The part that makes me laugh is picturing Mason carrying the toilet seat through the halls after class. 

Yep, that is indeed a poop hat she's wearing in the toilet!
The answering
Mason's answer had us laughing pretty good. He totally 'gets' Bailey! He ditched a plunger on our doorstep with 3 toilet paper rolls on it, and a sign that said, "You are the only one I'd 'roll' with! 'Plunge through these rolls for your answer!

Pretty clever!
 She had girls over for a study group, so she sat unrolling toilet paper while she studied.

This was at the end of the first roll. She was laughing so hard! "Is diarrhea genetic, or does it just run in my jeans? Keep going!"
This was at the end of the second roll. "Why didn't the TP cross the road? It got stuck in the crack! Keep going!"
This was at the end of the last roll. So funny!
 The Day Date
A few of the kids had to take the ACT the morning of the dance, and a couple had to work, so they had to keep the day date short. They went ice skating!

Mason, Bailey, Madi, Andrew
Ice skating
They had a fun group! Courtney & Chase, Bailey & Mason, Madi & Andrew, Justin & Hannah.

Dinner & The Dance
I wish I would have taken pictures of her getting ready, but she was really pressed for time, so I just let her do her thing. She had Marlee do her eyes, and I wish I had a close up, because they looked so pretty. They went to Madi's house for dinner. Her family smoked a brisket, and had all kinds of yummy stuff. Then it was off to the dance.

So pretty!
The boutonniere
The corsage
All set to go!
Mason & Bailey
Picture's at Madi's house.

They came to our house after the dance for dessert. We had a crepe bar! Then they played Mario cart until people had to be home. She had a fun night with a great group of kids!

One last picture before they changed clothes.

We could hear lots of laughing and yelling while they played! So funny!

Morning Star Performance

TNT Studios did a Valentine's performance for the Morning Star Assisted Living Center. Everyone leaned love songs from the 50s and 60s to perform for them. Bailey and Mark played 'Stand By Me.' So fun! I love listening to everyone from the studio play. We've been listening to a few of them for years, and it's fun to see how much they've learned, and how much better they've become over the years. But the highlight of the night wasn't the students this time, it was the teacher. Seth surprised his wife with a love song of his own. He was sneaky about it. He had Bailey and Mark play it with him, so he came to our house to practice, but told his wife he was coming to help Mark with the bass for 'Stand By Me.' Then he asked his wife to come to the performance to run the sound. Seth gave the sweetest tribute to his wife before the song, that caused a few people to tear up. Then he gave her flowers, and performed the song for her. Seriously the CUTEST!

Love this duo!
About 5 of the performers had to leave before we got this picture, but this is a very talented group.

 Never, My Love


Another year of lots of food, friends, and fun, at the Temple's for the Superbowl. I love that I basically get the same pictures every year. We even sit in the same places for the most part! Great game, great half time show, but I have to admit, none of the commercials jumped out at me this year. 

Bailey and Mason
Kassie doing what's necessary to separate these two. 
We always watch with the Andersons, and Temples.

We even bribed cute Landon to sit between them! :)

Fun Mutuals

I love my calling with the Young Women! We've had some fun mutuals to start off the year.

Water Kickboxing:
My Laurel class went to the Aquatic Center and did water kickboxing for a class activity. So fun!

I'm pretty sure we laughed more than we exercised!
 Laurel/Priest Date Night:
We try to do a Laurel/Priest date night at least once a year. It's always fun and very well attended. I think we had around 20 people! This year we had dinner, played glow in the dark volleyball, played a few other games, and then had pie for dessert! These kids are awesome!

Bailey and Mason ready for volleyball!
Glow in the dark volleyball!
This game cracks me up! I love Madi in this picture!
Pie to round out the evening!

So Much Snow!

We have had so much snow this winter! Of all the winters to have our snow blower break, why did it have to be this one? It's been cray! Bailey loves to shovel snow, but this has been crazy even for her standards! 

So crazy!
Good thing she's strong, energetic, and determined! It got so bad, that people couldn't even get out of our neighborhood to go to work.
Look how high it is!
She's a shovelin' fool!