Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Eastern Idaho State Fair

We spent Labor Day at the fair! First things first...a round of food, and a trip to see the animals. Then we went to the horse races and Indian horse races. So fun! Then it was more food, and the Lady Houdini show. She's an escape artist that blew our minds!

A picture with Happy!
Bailey playing with the Larson's cows.
Horse Races!
The horse races were fun! We've never been to them before.
Bullseye Burgers! As disgusting as them seem, they're actually really good!
The Indian Horse Races were so intense! I had no idea!
Did I mention that we go to the fair to eat? Tiger Ear!
Sawyer did 15 pull ups at the Marine booth!
The Petting Zoo!
We love the goats!
 Mark, Bailey, and I went back on closing Saturday. Mark and Bailey were supposed to perform, but the sign up lady messed up their time slot. She wanted them to wait around and perform a couple hours later, but Bailey told her no. So we ate more food, went back to the petting zoo, and then left. 

Nothing like some good old cow kisses!
Feeding the goats!
This was her favorite fair friend!
Pictures for Mason!
Cheese on a stick!
A Bimbo Burger and a cute photo bomber!
Last but not least, deep fried Oreos!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Teton Bike Ride

We took advantage of Mark's Friday off work and went on our annual Jackson to Jenny Lake bike ride in the Tetons. It was a little hazy from all the fires, but still a beautiful ride. We passed Jenny Lake, and went up to String Lake for lunch. We saw a bald eagle over String Lake, but no other animals this year.We did a total of 40 miles. I don't bike very often, so my neck and shoulders get sore when we go that far. We had perfect weather, and a great day!

I love String Lake!

Bailey's First Day of School-Senior Year

Bailey started her senior year! What!?! I'm handling it with mixed emotions. I'm super excited for her! Senior year is exciting, and I know that she is beyond ready to be done with high school and move on to college. I'm excited to see all that she accomplishes, and all the memories she makes. But at the same time, I'm dying inside! I just keep thinking about all the 'lasts' we're going to be experiencing this year. Last cross country season, last track season, last year sending her to mutual, last guitar recitals, last year listening to her practice guitar everyday, last year with her homework spread all over the house. I could go on and on, but it makes me too sad! She is the most determined, goal oriented, hardest working person I know. She also has the kindest heart and happiest personality of anyone I know. Her testimony and faith are beyond her years, and I'm constantly learning from her. I'm just going to sit back and watch her have a great year, and I know I'll be amazed in the process....just like always. Make it count Bailey! Embrace every moment along the way!

First day!
Her smile lights up her whole face, and I love it!
A first day picture for her missionary!
 Her first day of school was also her Senior Sunrise. The seniors meet at the Bonneville stadium at 6:00 in the morning to have breakfast, and watch the sunrise together. So fun! She's been going to school with some of these kids since preschool.

Senior Sunrise
Class of 2018

Monday, September 11, 2017

Fun Mutuals

I miss being in Young Women's with Bailey, but I'm so grateful she has great youth leaders! The Young Women had a Book of Mormon Read-A-Thon. They started in the afternoon, and ended at 10:00 at night. They had dinner, fun treats, special guest readers, and a few activities that went along with the scriptures. They almost made it through 2nd Nephi. We did a similar read-a-thon right when she came into young women's when she was 12, so it was fun for her to do it again during her last year.

Cute girls!
The Laurels and Priests had a DI Scavenger Hunt for a counterpart activity. They bought things for each other, and they all had to wear it to church the next Sunday. It was so stinking funny! When Marlee walked in in a Hillcrest graduation gown, I about died! Bailey had the ugliest shirt, that she could have fit 3 of herself in. When she came walking upstairs in her outfit, I busted up laughing! So funny!

She looked rad!
Emily, Marlee, Elle, Joneichea, Alex, Bailey, Madi, and Andrew.

Motorcycle Ridin'

Mark got a dirt back for his birthday, and he has had so much fun riding this summer! He goes with Jason mostly, but sometimes with a friend from work. He always comes home tired, dirty, and with a huge grin on his face! He had one crash that set him back a little bit, but he's back out there now! 

Jason and Mark
Kelly Canyon

Backyard Campout!

Bailey and I barely squeezed in our annual backyard campout with the puppies this year. We did it a couple days before school started. Oreo and Reeses love it SO MUCH! Right when they see the tent, they start spazzing out! They get so excited! We played games (yahtzee and uno) until it was dark enough to watch a movie. We watched 'Never Been Kissed' on Bailey's laptop. When it was time to go to bed, I let the dogs out of the tent and had them go to the bathroom. We always give them a treat when they get on their beds at night, so they know it's bedtime. I had a treat for them in my hand, and told them it was time to go to bed. Reeses tried to go inside the house. She was confused. When I told her her bed was in the tent, and pointed at the tent, she got super excited. She went running toward the tent door, and tried to jump through the side that was still zipped! She went flying backwards, and landed upside down in the grass! I was laughing SOOOOO hard! Like tears streaming down my face hard! Reeses stayed on her bed all night and slept, but Oreo wandered around. Bailey would wake up to Oreo licking her face, or Oreo sleeping completely on top of her. At one point She woke up on the ground, and Oreo was on her bed. So funny! Good thing it's only a once a year thing!

So excited to camp!

Take a minute to enjoy Bailey's pjs! :)
Reeses is just a little bit excited!
Games and a movie!

Summer Cross Country

I love coaching the summer running program for Bonneville and Rocky Mountain. This year was the biggest group of kids we've had! They are so fun, dedicated, and hard working! I love getting to know the majority of the xc team before the season starts, and I love watching them and cheering for them throughout the season. They are awesome kids!

Our first day of summer practice was rainy, windy, and super cold! I was surprised we had so many kids show up! Despite the weather, they worked hard and got in a great workout!
Our most popular practice is the Disc Golf Races! It was a great success this year! Matt and Kyle were our HS winners, Everette and Kai got second place, and Bailey and Hannah were third.
Seth and Jessica were our MS winners!
Matt and Kyle won the coveted pineapples this year! 
All of our disc golf competitors. Although this is a fun practice, it's also super hard!
Our most unpopular practice of the summer is at the sand dunes! It doesn't matter how good of shape you're in, this practice kicks everyone's butt! These kids did awesome!
This year was BY FAR the biggest watermelon run we've ever had! Congratulations to The Mighty Turnips for a nice victory!
The Gnarly Nutmegs
Yay for watermelon!
This was a sad day! It was Mason's last practice. He helped me coach all summer, but he was leaving the next day to serve his mission. 
Last day of summer practice! Games and donuts!
Bailey and Dylan were missing Mason, so we took some pictures to send him!
End of the summer backyard movie night and s'mores! They watched Princess Bride.
 I'm gonna miss seeing these kids so often, but I'm excited to watch them all compete! Let the season begin!!!