Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Happy 18th Birthday Bailey!

I can't believe Bailey is an adult! It blows my mind! She had a great 18th birthday! I brought lunch to school for her and Hannah. Bailey picked Kneaders. That night we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We gave her all her presents at dinner. On the way home, we stopped at the gas station, so she could buy lottery tickets. She won $4, and got so excited! So funny! When she got back from guitar, we sang happy birthday and had cake and ice cream with all the college kids from BYU-I.

A birthday picture for Mason!

Sawyer gave her gift cards to Chick-fil-A! That's where she always wants him to take her.

She got 4 presents from us. First she opened a gift certificate to get a pedicure before our cruise. Next, she opened a cross country slide show I made for her. It covers from 6th -12th grades. Me and Mark got a little teary eyed when we watched it. It is fun to see how she grew and improved in the sport, and how many great times she had with her team over the 7 years. Cross country gave her memories she will cherish forever, and it's fun to see it all in a slide show.
She got tickets to the Laughing All the Way fireside at the Colonial Theater. It's with Hank Smith, John Bytheway, and Meg Johnson. She's pretty excited about it!

And the big present she was hoping and waiting for.....SKYDIVING! She's been wanting to skydive for her 18th birthday for as long as I can remember! Unfortunately, the place closed at the end of October, so she missed it by a week. She had to settle for a gift certificate, and then she can go over spring break. She gets one tandem jump, with pictures and a video to prove she did it! She's thrilled, and Mark and I are a little freaked out!
Getting sung to at Texas Roadhouse!
Her winning lottery ticket! She was so excited that she won!
Cake and ice cream with the college kids!

The day after her birthday she got to vote! She was pretty excited about it, and the people in the polling place were so cute with her! She wore her sticker proudly! :)
Welcome to adulthood Bailey!
 I don't worry about her one bit! She will tackle being an adult just as good as she tackled her youth. She has always lived life to the fullest, and I'm not expecting that to change at all. I'm just gonna sit back and see what great adventures are in store for her durning her young adult life!


Bailey asked Jakob to her last Sadie Hawkin's dance. She had a blast! It would be impossible to not have fun with Jakob! At one point during dinner, she was laughing so hard she was crying! :) 

The Asking:
The xc team was meeting at my house to go to a haunted house together. Jakob was one of the drivers, so while they were waiting here for the rest of the kids, Bailey put a 10 piece box of chicken nuggets in his car that said, "I'd be one lucky nugget if you'd go to Sadies with me!" Under all the chicken nuggets she wrote her name on the box.

The Answering:
Jakob ditched 2 dozen eggs at our house. One box of eggs was colored, and it said she had to break them open to find the answer.  They were filled with confetti, and his answer was in one of the eggs. It said, "Going to Sadies with you would be an eggsellent idea!"

Cute eggs!

opening confetti filled eggs!

The answer!
 The Day Date:
For the day date they went to brunch at the Pugmire's house, played some games, and then went to the Escape House in Rexburg. Bailey said it was lots of fun!

The Escape House!
 The Dance:
The theme for the dance was 'A Night at the Movies!' Bailey and Jakob went as Batman. So funny!
They went to Kayla's house for dinner and pictures, then to the dance, then here for dessert and a movie. 

Total dorks!

Casie set up and made them a great dinner!

The Group: Jammison & Kayla, Andrew & Hannah, Ronnie & Barbra, Bailey & Jakob

Cute girls!

I laugh every time I see this picture!
They had a sundae bar at our house after the dance.

We set up a little movie concession stand in our basement for them. They watched a scary movie (When a Stranger Calls). I was 2 floors up from them in my room, and kept hearing them scream. So funny!
I can't believe she's down to only a couple high school dances to go! Time goes by way too fast! I'm glad she has always surrounded herself with great kids to celebrate high school with! 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy Halloween!

 Bailey is a chip off the old block, and loves it too! We love scary movies, haunted houses, decorating, dressing up, parties, handing out candy, all of it! It's not as exciting now that the kids are grown up, so this year me and Mark mostly just partied without them. We watched a scary movie every weekend, and hit a few haunted houses. Good times! We kicked off the month with our annual Halloween date night with the Hughes. We went to dinner at Fuji, and then went to the Haunted Hospital in Shelley. Next, I planned a date night with my friends and their hubbies, and we went to The Haunted Mill. It was so good this year! Lesa swore the whole way through, and I laughed the whole way through. I'm the only one in the group that really loves scary stuff, but they're good sports and always come with me! Mark's BYU-I ward had a Halloween party/talent night. So fun! Mark, Bailey, and I went as pirates. Then on Halloween night, Bailey and I handed out candy. Our neighborhood gets crazy busy! We got our first trick or treaters at 5:20, and we were out of candy by 7:30! We shut the lights off, and Mark and I headed to the Haunted Straw Maze. Three college girls from his ward were working in the maze and asked us to come. While we were there, we found three more college girls from his ward going through the maze! We all ended up going through together. So fun!

Mark, Tricia, creepy friend, Lesa, Brian, Jason, and Michelle.

The Haunted Mill!

Pirates for the ward Halloween party/talent night.

His ward is the best! So many kids dressed up and shared talents. I loved these cute Wizard of Oz girls!

Perter Pan and his shadow.

The Thriller dance was awesome!

These cute Christmas girls won the group costume contest, so they get to have a movie night at our house.

Thriller dancers!

A 'Pie' talent, and 'All About That Bass' talent. Don't mind the photo bombers!

On Halloween night, the sky put on a nice show for us! 

The pictures don't do it justice, but the sky was bright orange! So pretty!

Bailey went to the Haunted Theater earlier in the month with a group of xc kids. On Halloween, she handed out candy for a little while, and then had a date to the Straw Maze. Mark had told the three college girls that she would be coming through, so they had fun saying her name and messing with her.

The Straw Maze!

We found Elizabeth, Julie, and Amanda, so we went through the Maze with them.

Meg, Marissa, and Kristen were working in the maze. While we were posing for this picture, the chainsaw guy started it up right behind us. Scared the living daylights out of everyone. So funny!
That's a wrap on Halloween! I'm sad to see it go!

ISU Volleyball

We went to an ISU women's volleyball game with Walsh Engineering. One of Mark's co-worker's has a daughter that plays. ISU won in 3 games! It was lots of fun! Bailey was in heaven, because she got to hold Nate's baby the whole night! The baby was the sweetest little guy!

So cute!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ruby Bucket Retreat!

My good friend Esther and her friend, Stephanie, have dreamed about hosting a scrapbook/craft retreat for years. They finally made it happen, and it was AWESOME! They did such a great job! I attended the 1st Ruby Bucket Retreat, and I got so much done! I started at 10:00 on a Friday morning, and I scrapbooked until 1:00 the following morning. I went back to the hotel at 8:30 on Saturday morning, and finished up at about 10:00 that night. I got 33 scrapbook pages done! They had awesome welcome gifts, door prizes, classes, treats, a craft boutique, a PJ party, and more! So fun! I'm already looking forward to the next one!

I love cute Esther!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fall Trail Running!

Mark and I have been LOVING trail running. I'm pretty sure Mark's addicted, which makes me pretty happy! We got a couple good fall runs in before the snow hit. 

Big Burns/Black Canyon:
This was our favorite run of the season. It was a 13.5 mile loop in the Kelly Canyon area. We hit the fall colors at just the right time. The pictures don't even begin to do it justice. So pretty! There was so much variety. Lots of fun water crossings, lots of uphill, and plenty of downhill. We would be a lot faster runners if I didn't stop so often to take pictures, but I really can't help it!

Steam coming off the river.

I loved the beginning of this trail. It looked magical!

There was about 10 of these water crossings. So fun!

I think we got Nate hooked on this too!

So pretty!

A big tree came down right across the trail.

Big Elk Creek:
We squeezed this run in right before the snow fell. We ran Big Elk Creek on a Friday, and woke up to 6 inches on snow on Saturday morning. This one was an 11 mile out and back trail. We ran along the creek the whole time, and it was beautiful!

Mark was standing in 2 states at the same time!

We're crossing our fingers that the snow melts, and we can get one more run in before winter. If not, we'll be breaking out the snow shoes!