Monday, October 10, 2016

Razor Riding!

Mark planned a fun razor riding adventure with the Harris' for my birthday! So fun! We spent the day riding up at Kelly Canyon, and had pizza for dinner when we were done. The fall colors were so awesome! We went everywhere, but the ride along the river was my favorite! Bright orange and yellow everywhere! So pretty! We saw 3 bald eagles, and a big bull moose! Such a fun day!

Following Jason and Michelle!
Along the river!
So pretty! 
Here is the moose we saw!
Mark has been wanting a razor, but after this ride, he REALLY wants one! 

This is just a glimpse of why fall is my favorite season in Idaho! 

Thanks Jason and Michelle for an awesome day!


The asking:
Mason asked Bailey to her first homecoming dance! She was so excited! He ditched a big box of fortune cooking at our door with a sign that said, IT WOULD BE MY GREAT FORTUNE IF I WENT TO HOMECOMING WITH YOU! Bailey had to open up the cookies and look at all the fortunes until she found the one with his name on it. So cute!

Bailey put sod on Mason's front porch with a sign that said, YOU BET YOUR GRASS I'LL GO TO HOMECOMING WITH YOU!

So funny!

The Day Date:
They had a group of 6 couples, and they went to Squealer's Fun Park for their day date. They rode the go-carts, played mini golf, and did the batting cages. After that, they had lunch at Noodles and Company. Bailey had so much fun!

Batting cages! Bailey & Mason, Ben & Holly, Parker & Hannah!
Getting Ready: 
When the girls were getting ready, the boys were making them dinner at Andrew's house! Bailey thought it was so cute that the boys actually made the dinner themselves! 

Love it!
 Jenni came over and did Bailey's make up for the dance. I always love what Jenni does, but this time was my favorite! She made Bailey look so sophisticated and way too beautiful and grown up! Bailey did her own hair, and it looked awesome! I wish I would have gotten a picture of the back of it! Holly got ready here, because her mom was out of town. They both looked so gorgeous!

Thanks Jenni! 
All ready! They looked so beautiful!
I love these girls! They are so genuinely happy and positive! It's hard to believe, but they are both even more beautiful on the inside then they are on the outside!
She's a babe! I'm still wondering when the heck all this growing up happened!

The Dance:
Prince Charming showed up looking extremely handsome! They were seriously the cutest! They had dinner at Andrew's house, played some games, and then headed to the dance. Bailey thought the dance was so fun! Her group left to go watch a movie at Jakob's house, and a few of them stayed longer at the dance because they were having a great time. I say it all the time, but I'm so grateful for the awesome friends Bailey has! They are all such  fun, great kids! I'm grateful for Mason for treating her  exactly like any dad would want his daughter treated. I'm so glad she had such a great time!

The boutineer!
She's getting better at this with each dance! :)
Her corsage was beautiful!

They were stunning!

Mason, Bailey, Ben, and Holly 
I was impressed with them actually being serious during pictures, but then they pulled this one off. 


Bailey & Mason, Holly & Ben, Emily & Han, Hannah & Parker, Vanessa & Jakob,  Rachel & Andrew

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy birthday to me! I had a great birthday week! I celebrated with my friends on Monday night with dinner and a movie at Michelle's house. Love those ladies! Then Mark sent me on my traditional scavenger hunt on Wednesday. It was extra funny this year, because he themed it around the dogs. Reeses and Oreo got to go with me to find my stuff. Hahaha, they thought it was a big party! I was spoiled like always! I got lots of fun stuff, but 2 highlights were a fall razor riding adventure with the Harris', and a winter get-a-way snow shoeing trip into Teton National Park. I can't wait! Then we went to dinner at Carinos. On Saturday Jenni took me out for a birthday treat. I love when my birthday extends to the whole week! :)

Michelle got me these light up letters to go in my bedroom. I LOVE them!
Here's me with all my scavenger hunt presents! 
We wanted the dogs in a picture, since they were the theme of my birthday hunt. It's impossible to get pictures of them when they're hyper! Look at how Reeses is gazing up at Mason! Hahaha, she loves him!
Hahahaha! Mark can get them to calm down for a picture! Just put them both in a choke hold! :)

80s Day!

It was spirit week at Bonneville because of the homecoming game. One of the spirit days was the 80s! Bailey wore my letterman jacket! Hahahaha! I was dying! It takes a confident kid to show up to school in that outfit! I informed her that my jacket was from the early 90s, and she said, "Who cares, it's still old." Total flashback to my high school days! I wore that jacket with my hair the exact same way! :)

Mountain Biking: Harriman Park

Mark and I spent one of his Friday's off, mountain biking in Harriman Park. Harriman is one of my favorite places in the winter. It is so beautiful! We found out that it is equally beautiful in the fall!

Silver Lake

Golden Lake
We saw 2 bald eagles, and lots of trumpet swans!
I'm already excited to take the cross country kids snow shoeing there again this winter!

YW Karaoke Night!

How many people can we fit in one room!?! We had a Karaoke Night at my house with the young women. It was so fun! I love my calling, and I love all these cute girls and leaders! This is going to have to become an annual activity!