Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Shootin'

Just a little summer shootin'! These two are pretty dang good!

A Summer With the Chukars!

We had a great summer of Chukars games!

For the first game, Bailey just brought some friends.

Marlee, Jessiny, Bailey, Madi, Annie, Charlie, Elder Varvel, Tanner, Emily, Andrew, Savannah, and Hannah.
 We invited the Egberts to our second game. It was so fun catching up with them! 

Hannah, Bailey, Charlie, Elder Varvel, Savannah, Spencer, Olivia, Frank, and Jeri.
Bailey and Spencer were best buddies since before they could even walk. It was fun to see them together now that they're all grown up. 
Our third game was right before Independence Day. Bailey brought friends, and after the game, we watched Nick's firework show.

Mark, Papa, Grammy, Parker, Jessiny, Kaden, Kaden, Andrew, Tanner, Savannah, and Bailey. 
They found Logan, Colman, and Truman there too!
Nick always puts on a great fireworks show!
 We left Bailey home for one of the games, and just went with couples. So fun! 

We went with Misty and Brian, Becky and Byron, Michelle and Jason,  and Lesa and Brian.
 We brought the Whiteheads to one of the games. Bailey and Marlee did the hamburger race and won! It was pretty funny!

Tanner, Kaden, Payton's cute friend, Payton, Jakob, Lacy, Marlee, Bailey, Elder Varvel, and Charlie.

Those are some pretty cute buns!
 The last game we went to was with the Halls. 

Mark, Jake, Ali, Charlie, Elder Varvel, Izzy, Camille, Clint, Lauryn, Cody, Jakob, Bailey, and Tanner.
 Bailey told Tanner to find some boys for her to flirt with. Boy did that kid come through! Tanner walked right into the middle of a group of 8-10 boys that were there celebrating a birthday, and introduced himself. Bailey about died! When the boys told her to come over to where they were, she ran! Yep, she ran away! She's pretty smooth like that :)! She came running into the suite and told me what happened. I went out and looked over the balcony, and sure enough, there was Tanner with all of his new friends. They asked me to have Bailey come down, and I said I didn't think she would, so they came up instead. Hahaha, I was laughing so hard! I guess she'll think twice before she asks Tanner to find her someone to flirt with next time! They went back and forth between our suite and the boys suite for the whole game. She actually made some new friends, so it all worked out great in the end. Once she got over the embarrassment that is!

Here's a few of the new friends they made!
And this could possibly be my favorite picture from the whole Chukars season!

Floating Lava Hot Springs!

Summer's almost over, so we wanted to do something really fun for our last 'Water Wednesday.' Me and Mark took a group of kids down to Lava Hot Springs to float the river. The weather was supposed to be crappy, but we lucked out and had a great day. We rented tubes of all different sizes, so they could mix it up each time they went down. They would float down, and then Me and Mark would be at the end to load the tubes in the truck and take them back to the start. These kids are AWESOME! They had fun floating, and we had tons of fun watching them!

Bailey, Marlee, Jessiny, Parker, Emily, Madi, Tanner, Cami, and Brian. 
This is one of my favorite pictures. Bailey and Marlee didn't even make it to the water before they fell. 
Brian, Madi, Emily, and Cami
These two had a heck of a time getting their tube over to where the current was. Me and Mark were cracking up!
Tanner, Jessiny, and Parker
Madi, Emily, Brian, and Cami
Jessiny, Parker, and Tanner
Marlee, Brian, Bailey, and Tanner

Madi and Cami loved riding the single tubes down.  Emily called this group Forever Alone :)!
Bailey got dumped off her tube on this ride down. Good thing they stayed connected, because she couldn't get back on. Tanner had to save her.
I love all these cute kids!
There really are no words for this picture, but I sure love it! The best part was watching Bailey try to get off!

Portneuf Valley Brewing Performance

Bailey and Mark had a performance at the Portneuf Valley Brewery in Pocatello. It was so fun! They played for an hour and 15 minutes, and did 20 songs. They did a great job! It was their longest performance so far. The atmosphere was so fun, and the customers were great!  People even got up to dance. And it's a bonus that she makes pretty good money doing it! They were a big hit, so we're hoping they will get to perform there again.

West Yellowstone

Michelle, Lesa, Becky, Misty, and I took a summer day trip up to West Yellowstone again this year. We stopped for lunch, then got our traditional old fashion picture taken.  After that we walked around and watched people until our play started at the Playmill. This year we watched Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. I love these ladies! We hadn't even made it there yet and I had already been laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt.  Misty with her crazy horn honking, Michelle with all her inappropriate comments, Lesa stretched out in the front seat because her stomach hurt, and Becky with her darling long johns. It's always a good time with these girls!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Eagle Ridge Ranch Get Away

Mark and I spent a fun weekend at Eagle Ridge Ranch in Island Park. We stayed in a cute little cabin in the woods. On Friday we went out in a rowboat on the lake. The wind was blowing, so it took us forever to get across. By the time we started heading back in our boat, a big storm was almost on top of us. The middle of a lake, in a metal boat was probably not the best place to be. It was pretty funny though! We made it just before the storm hit. The rain started while we were on our way to West Yellowstone for dinner. The rain was CRAZY! It was coming down in buckets! We could hardly see the road! The next day we took a guided horseback ride! Mark rode Rusty, and I rode cute little Brownie! So fun!

Our little cabin!

Prince Charming rowing me across the lake!
I rowed for awhile, but mostly I just rowed us into rocks!
Rowboat selfie!
The storm was blowing in fast!
Mark and his good friend Rusty.
Yee Haw!
Brownie was so cute!
We had a fun adventure! That was our second time staying there. We've been there once in the winter, and once in the summer. Super fun place!

Roaring Youth Jam

Bailey and Mark performed at the Roaring Youth Jam again this year. They performed Demons, Chainsaw, Firework, Blown Away, Heart Breaker, and Wildflower. They had some awesome friends and family come to watch them! It's always a lot more fun when they can perform for people they know.

Getting ready to start! 
Her AWESOME fan club :)! 
Savannah, Mark, James, Tanner, Jessiny, Cory, Kaden, Madi, Bailey, Papa, and Grammy
Cute kiddos!
This is our last week with Veener! She leaves in less than a week, for college at Utah State. I'm so sad! It's like I'm sending another one of my kids away! ;(
My musical duo!
Even if Sawyer couldn't be there, he's still one of their biggest fans!