Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July!

Neighborhood Fireworks
Our Neighbor, Nick, goes all out for his friends and neighbors with an incredible firework show each year. This year topped them all! So awesome!

Andrew and Bailey getting ready for the fireworks.
Neighborhood fireworks!
Sawyer, Brittany, and Emily
There were some really great fireworks!
The aftermath!
On the 4th of July, we headed to Utah for a fun adventure!

I sure love them!
Sawyer, Bailey, and Emily 
We stopped in Lehi, so Sawyer could see one of his mission companions. He was with Elder Palmer in Van Horn in the travel trailer. Elder Palmer was the companion he had for the longest time!
Bridal Veil Falls
We drove up Provo Canyon to see Bridal Veil Falls. Me and Mark used to hang out there back in our college days. We were a little disappointed because it was packed! I've never seen that many people there before. We were going to hike up the lower falls and go in the water, but we decided it was way to crowded. The falls were beautiful though! 

Bridal Veil Falls 
Emily and Bailey
We were taking selfies at the falls, trying to get us all in the picture, plus some of the waterfall. It was so funny! We took a ton, and most of them were hilarious (thanks to Sawyer).
Cute girls!
Love them! 
It's so fun having us all together again!
Stadium of Fire
After Bridal Veil Falls, we headed to Provo for the Stadium of Fire. It was a great show!

Our traditional frozen lemonade! 
One of our favorite parts each year is when they parachute the American flag into the stadium.
The Crescent Super Band (a group of 25 teenagers from Utah) performed patriotic songs throughout the show. They were really good! The show was hosted by Montel Williams. I thought he was great too!
the Stadium of Fire dancers are always fun!
There were two fly overs this year.
The opening act for Journey was Olivia Holt. She's an up and coming singer/actress from the Disney Channel. 
Olivia Holt
There was a demonstration from scientists from EepyBird. They combined coke and mentos, and there was coke spraying all over the field and the dancers. It was pretty funny! 
Journey was the headliner this year, and they were so good! It was a fun, high energy show!
I didn't bring my good camera, so I didn't get any good pictures.
After Journey, they started the fireworks. They are always awesome! This year they had an awesome patriotic salute and the National Anthem by the Gentleman's Trio, GENTRI! The were incredible! Bailey and Emily were instantly in love! They have both already stalked them on social media. :) The theme for the fireworks this year was Rock n Roll, and it was so good!

When the show was over, we had 3 happy kids!
 The girls had more fun dancing at the after party in the parking lot, than they did at the actual show. They could have stayed there all night!

She's my sassy little firecracker! 
Enjoy Sawyer's face in the next few pictures!

"I'm pointing my wand at you as hard as I can!"
 We got to our hotel at 1:30 in the morning! We were tired, but it was a great day! Happy birthday America!

They were Rocky twinners, and didn't even plan it!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Water Wednesday- Rigby Lake

We love going to Rigby Lake! This was one of our favorite 'Water Wednesdays.' The kids had tons of fun with their friends. I rented a couple of paddle boards for them to take turns on. We totally need to buy one! They are so fun! Everyone got tired and sunburned, so it was a successful day at the lake :)!

Emily, Hannah, Sawyer, Bailey, Vanessa, Jakob, and Andrew
Model poses!
The paddle boards were so fun!
Bailey and Emily
Sawyer and Christie
Glad his skin finally gets to see some sunshine!
Good times!
They spent hours out on the dock having dock wars!
Taking a break from the water.
Vanessa, Bailey, Emily, Andrew, Eric, Jakob, Andrew, Landon, Hannah, and Aubrey. Gotta love Jakob and Andrew!
Sawyer, Zach, Christie, Christian, and Tyler- All of the guys in this picture, and Hailey (who had to leave for work) were all over the world serving missions just a few weeks ago. They were in Texas, California, Mexico, Italy, and Africa.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Clint Black

We went to a Clint Black concert with Jason and Michelle. We were on the 8th row right in the middle. It was tons of fun! We had forgotten how many awesome hits he had. We also enjoyed watching all the drunk weirdos! At one point, the security guards had to chase a couple drunk ladies around.....for real, they were really chasing them! So funny!

Clint Black! 
He was awesome on the guitar! He could play the harmonica and guitar at the same time! So impressive! 
Good times with good friends!

Girl's Camp: 'Soul Survivor'

Bailey had a great time at stake girl's camp this year. They spent 5 days at Darby camping in levels. She was a level 4 this year. The theme for camp was 'Soul Survivor.'

The level 4 girls 
The level 4 girls and youth leaders went up a day before everyone else. On Monday, they set up camp, and had a really cool obstacle course.

These were the girls Bailey shared a tent with.
Megan, Madi, Emily, Cailee, and Bailey
 Tuesday was hike day! Bailey finally got to hike Tablerock. There was still a lot of snow, so they had to go up and down face. She did awesome! All her running paid off, because the hike was a piece of cake for her. That night they watched McFarland USA in camp.

On the way up Tablerock! 
Marlee, Bailey, and Megan 
she made it!
I love the view from the top. It feels like you can just reach out and touch the Grand Teton!
Level 4 girls: Bailey, Cailee, Megan, Nicole, Marlee, Annie, Kennedy, Bailey, Brooklyn, Sam, Madi, and Emily 
Level 4 girls from our ward: Bailey, Emily, Marlee, Kennedy, and Madi
On Wednesday they had a really cool devotional from a lady that was on the Monument Hike when the lightening strike happened. Then the 4th years got to go horse back riding for their adventure activity. I went up for that, and it was really fun! that night was spiritual night in camp.

Getting ready to ride!
Bailey and Emily with the cute mule.

Bailey and Bart! 
All the cute cowgirls!
 On Thursday they had an amazing devotional from a lady in our stake. Her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor shortly after they were married. It eventually took his life and she was left a widow at a very young age with very young children. She talked about all the ways the Lord helped her and blessed her through it all. Everyone said it was amazing! That night was Bishop's Night. The Bishop brought up pizza for dinner, and they played some fun games. After Bishop's Night, they divided back into their levels and had a testimony meeting. 

The awesome Eastview girls and leaders!
 Friday they just packed up and came home. 

Footies and rain boots in the creek!
Kennedy, Marlee, Madi, Bailey, and Emily
She made it home tired, smelly, looking goofy, and happy! Camp was a success!