Sunday, July 27, 2014

Idaho Falls Half Marathon

Me and Bailey ran the Idaho Falls Half Marathon this weekend! We had been planning, and training for this one for a long time. The first 6 miles are downhill, so it tends to be a fast course. Bailey wanted to use this one to beat my best half marathon time. Unfortunately she's been sick for a few weeks. We took her to the doctor on Thursday, and she has a double ear infection and a nasty cough. She's on all kinds of medicine now, but she didn't start it soon enough to make a difference in the race. She was miserable and struggled through the whole thing. Brad was out on his long training run, and happen to meet up with her when she was having a really hard time. He ran the rest of the race with her, and that helped her a ton! He's seriously the best guy, and Bailey loves him! Most people would have thrown in the towel and not even attempted to run it, but she still did pretty decent. Not her best, but pretty good for the circumstances. She finished around 2 hours, and won her age group. I was worried about how she'd feel about it. She said she was not disappointed in herself, because she knows she did the best she could under the circumstances, but she was VERY disappointed in the timing of getting sick. We'll just find her another one to do, and she'll reach her goal. She always does!
On a happier note, I ran WAY better than I was expecting! I got my best half marathon time at 1:46:49.  I guess I just got happy feet and decided to push myself. It was a great day for me! 

Starting up by the windmills before the sun came up!
We did it! 
This is how I found Bailey within 10 minutes after we got home! Poor thing was miserable! She didn't even take her shoes off!
Our next big running event is GTR, and we're SO excited!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mesa Falls

I wouldn't let Bailey do a Water Wednesday this week. She has had anxiety really bad the past little while, and when she gets it, and can't get it under control, it ends up making her physically sick. Last fall when this happened, she was sick for 8 weeks! She's had headaches, stomach issues, and finally the dreaded cough. The cough is what takes FOREVER to get rid of. She's going on her third week of coughing, and has a half marathon this weekend that she's worked really hard for. So, no physical activity. That meant no swimming ;(! Wednesday is our day to do something fun, so we decided to go on an adventure to Mesa Falls instead. We brought Tanner! He's the funniest kid, and pretty much kept us laughing all day! I'm glad these two are such good friends!

Our first stop was Big Jud's!

Nothing like a giant hamburger to get the day started!
Hahaha, it's bigger than her face!
 Next, we stopped along Warm River to feed the fish! They took the fish food dispenser away! What the heck! We could see all the huge fish, but had nothing to feed them. We ended up getting the left over tater tots out of the car and trying that. The fish spit them out, but the seagulls loved them. So we ended up throwing tater tots at the seagulls instead.

Warm River

Mesa Falls is one of my favorite places in Idaho! It's so gorgeous! We stopped at the lower falls first.

Lower Mesa Falls 

Upper Mesa Falls is my favorite!

Upper Mesa Falls

The visitor's center lodge is where the fun really got started! Tanner and Bailey probably broke every rule the place had!

The ignored the signs that said they could touch the pelts, but not remove them from the table! I'm pretty sure Tanner tried them all on as a hat, scarf, or coat!
Tanner had fun posing Elder Varvel for pictures. This is one of my favorites!
Hahaha! I love them!
We ended our adventure with huckleberry shakes at our favorite place in Ashton! We were gonna go to Bear World on the way home, but  by the time we got back down here it was about to close. That will have to be an adventure for another time.

We took this great picture of them with their shakes, and then realized the straw was right up Tanner's nose! Hahaha, we had to do a retake!
Much better, but not near as funny!
We had a great day! Hopefully Bailey will be better next week, and we can pick up with Water Wednesday again, but this was sure a fun substitute!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Guitar Photo Shoot

Jenni did a guitar photo shoot with Bailey. We LOVE how the pictures turned out. Here are a few of our favorites!

This is the coolest picture!

This is one of my favorites!

I LOVE this one! 


This is another one of my favorites!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Jackson Hole

We spent a fun day in Jackson Hole. First stop was for square ice cream in Swan Valley. Yum! Then it was on to the Alpine Slide. You take a ski lift up the mountain, then ride a little sled down a track. It was super fun! On our first time down, Mark caught up to a really slow lady right at the beginning. He was so mad! So we bought tickets to do it again. This time we made sure there were no slow people in front of us. Bailey and Savannah went down one final time, and then we headed to the Bar J Wranglers for dinner and a show. Dinner was so yummy, and the show was great! The Bar Js are so funny, and so talented. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. We had a great time!

Square ice cream!
These girls were pretty funny on the ski lift. They took some great selfies!
Heading down the mountain!
Hahaha, the girls caught up to Mark because he had to go so slow the first time down.
Waiting in line at Bar Js!
Grammy and Papa met us there.
The girls had fun posing for lots of interesting photos.
Grammy and Papa!
They found an old outhouse with a man inside! 
Ready for dinner and the show.
These guys are so great! It's a show everyone should see if they are ever in the area.