Monday, August 15, 2016

Roaring Youth Jam/Duck Race

Mark and Bailey performed at the Roaring Youth Jam again this year! It's always one of their favorite performances. This year they did 'songs through the decades.' It was so awesome! They started with the 50s and ended with the 90s. Bailey has discovered that she loves old music, and has a huge list of older songs she still wants to learn. It was hard for them to narrow it down to a 45 minute set list! It was fun to watch the people walk by. They had a lot of people stop and listen, and this year it wasn't was a lot of different ages, depending on what era they were on. So fun! Half way through one of their songs, all the power shut off, and then we heard a big explosion and saw a big cloud of brown smoke coming from further down the river. A big transformer must have blown. The sound lady was great, and had them up and running again within a couple minutes.

Their set list was:
Johnny B Goode
Walking After Midnight
I'm a Believer
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Bad Moon Rising
You Light Up My Life
Go Your Own Way
I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Eye of the Tiger
Here Comes The Rain Again
Don't Stop Believin'
Rock This Town
Everything I Do

Cutest duo out there!
I didn't get many pictures of them performing. The sun was right behind them, and it was too bright! 
Cute Hannah came with us, so I didn't have to watch them by myself. Seth came and watched them too. He's so great!
I love listening to them! 
Jolene (from the 70s)

The 80s are so fun! They played 'Here Comes the Rain Again' by the Eurythmics. This was one of my favorite songs growing up!

After they performed, we took the girls out to lunch, and then went back to the river for the duck race! It's so funny! They dump 18,000 rubber ducks into the river, and the duck that goes over the waterfall first wins a truck! 

Waiting for them to drop the ducks!
Hahaha, so funny!
There wasn't much of a current, so it took forever for the ducks to make it to the waterfall this year!


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Keith Urban Concert!

We went to an awesome Keith Urban concert! It was at the Portneuf Ampitheater in Pocatello. The ampitheater was nice, but the seating was lame. We had pretty close seats, but they weren't elevated as they went back, so we couldn't see very good. We got stuck in traffic in Blackfoot, so we missed Maren Morris as the opening act. We were so bummed! She has two songs out on the radio and I love them both, so I really wanted to see her. We made it in time for Bret Eldredge though, and he was great! Keith Urban was AWESOME! Way more fun and personal with the crowd then I was expecting. He was a great performer!
Our crew ready for the concert!
Bret Eldredge!
The people watching was hilarious! Bailey and Mason were cracking up at the drunk, crazy people. It was like the fair! A good country concert brings them out of the woodworks! Sawyer was dying! This is his 'I can't believe people act like this in public' face! 
Mason and Bailey 
Keith Urban! 

Hahaha, wait for it.....

Dani's Home!

Our cute little Dani got back from her mission! Mark and I were there to greet her at the airport. So fun! Sawyer was in Utah for a wedding, so he had to wait until the next day to see her. It has been over 3 years since they have seen each other! Bailey still hasn't seen her, but hopefully sometime this week!

I'm so glad these three were reunited! Dani will be leaving for college at Utah State soon, so they don't have long to hang out. I hope they make the most of it!

West Yellowstone/Playmill

Lesa, Michelle, Becky, Misty, and I go to West Yellowstone every year. It's become a fun tradition that we decided we are going to do until we're 90! We go to Pond's Lodge for lunch, get old fashion pictures taken (Misty refused to be in it this year, hahaha), and then see a play at the Playmill. This year the play was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. It's my favorite one we've seen so far. I sure love these ladies! We always have endless laughs when we get together!

War Bonnet Roundup

We went to the final night of the War Bonnet Roundup Rodeo! We love the rodeo! It was a good show! Lots of excitement, a few scary moments, and as always, great people watching!

Bailey and Mason
We got there early, so they played Uno until it started.
Sawyer got there after us, because he was at a movie with friends. He made it just in time to eat and watch the show. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Arizona Adventure!

For Mother's Day I got tickets to the Duran Duran concert in AZ. Mark and I flew down there this past week and had a fun adventure! We got to see Grammy and Papa's new house, and we love it! On Monday we spent the day in Sedona. It's so pretty there! We rented ATVs for a half day and rode out to some fun places. We spent the second half of the day at Red Rock Crossing. We LOVED the ATVs, and want to go back and ride again. It's a fun way to explore the area. 

The first area we rode out to was the Honanki Ruins. The ruins were at the base of the rocks behind me. 
The Honanki Ruins

There were lots of petroglyphs on the walls.
The red rock is so pretty!

The second area we rode out to was Devil's Bridge. It was a fun ride, and a cool hike! 
Tricia on Devil's Bridge! 
Mark on Devil's Bridge! 
Our next stop was Red Rock Crossing. Cathedral Rock is behind Mark.
We didn't have time to make it out to Slide Rock, but this place was similar. Lots of people in the river sliding down the slick rock. 
We could have sat in the river all day. There were deep spots to swim, and shallow spots to sit. My legs were sore from running a half marathon, so it felt really good!
Sedona was awesome! We wished we could have spent 2 days there. We'll go back for sure!
On Tuesday we went to the Phoenix Zoo and Papago Park. 

Mark was making friends with a snake!

This was the most beautiful Lion I've ever seen. He was so healthy looking, and it looked like they had just brushed him!
We fed the giraffes! 

A cute swimming bear!


We hiked up to Hole in the Rock at Papago Park.
A view of Papago Park.
 We got back to Grammy and Papa's just in time for a BIG monsoon storm! It dumped a lot of water in an hour! The streets were flooded, and the common areas in the neighborhood were all underwater. Crazy!

If you look close at this picture, you can see that the park bench is covered with water up to the actual seat!
On Wednesday we went and hiked around a couple riparian areas, visited with family, and then it was concert time! The concert was so AWESOME! Chic opened up for them, and they were really good. Duran Duran was so great! They played for a long time, and sounded just as good as they did back in the 80s! Loved it!

So excited!
Great opening act!
Freak Out by Chic

John Taylor
Simon Le Bon
Roger Taylor

Enjoy these videos for some 80s flashback fun!

Hungry Like The Wolf

Planet Earth