Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Fair!

Bailey and Mark had two performances at the fair this year. The first one was on Labor Day on the west stage. The played for 45 minutes. They had so many great friends show up to watch them! Her coach, Jessie was there, the Calls, The Harris', The Becks, Julie and Mars, the Fullmers, Seth and his family. Savannah even came from Logan! We appreciate and love all the support we get from our AWESOME friends! Me, Savannah, Marlee, and Julie did a 4 person 'wave,' and Bailey laughed out loud in the middle of one of her songs. Whoops :)! After the performance, we walked around looking at the animals, and eating yummy fair food.

Performing on the west stage. 
I love them!
These two had fun with the animals! 
This big guy was pretty friendly! 
The goats are always our favorite! 
Fried Oreos!
 Their second performance was  on the Big Dog Stage, on Saturday (closing day). They performed really good at this one, but the sound system wasn't as good. They had a packed house though! It was standing room only, so this was one of the biggest crowds they've performed for. Tanner's family came to watch her, which was super sweet! Michelle, Becky, Lesa and Misty watched them too! Good times! When they finished, Mark and Bailey walked around the fair for awhile, and I spent the night there hanging out with my friends to celebrate Becky's birthday. 

Performing on the Big Dog Stage!
They did an awesome job!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

She's a Freshman!

It's official, she's a Bonneville Bee! 

 There was a big football game before school started against Valor Christian. Bailey is pretty excited about all these fun kinds of activities. They went to the JV game straight from practice, and then met back at our house to make shirts for the varsity game. Their shirts were pretty funny, but it was so cold and rainy that they were covered up the whole time. 

Making shirts for the first football game!
Jessiny, Tanner, Cami, Brian, and Bailey
Tanner's shirt said, "I'm only here for the cheerleaders!" So funny!
Bailey wrote TANNER HIGH on the back of her shirt, and then below that she wrote, "Oh wait, he doesn't play football." We were cracking up!
First day of school! It's still weird taking these pictures without Sawyer. The first day was just a freshman day. It was nice for her to get familiar with everything without all the upperclassman being there. She came home and said she loved it, so that's a good sign. Here's to a great year!

Freshman at Bonneville High School
I'm not sure how my kids grew up so fast!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Summer of Horseback Riding!

Bailey had an awesome summer of riding lessons with Diane again this year! She loves everything about this place! This summer was extra fun, because they had baby goats! Bailey and Cupcake had a great summer together. I could see a huge difference in her balance, confidence, and skill level from her first lesson, to the end of summer. We can't wait to go to CA for spring break and put her skills to use!

Meeting the baby goats! 
This little goat was so funny! It would get up on the tarp and jump around on it like it was a trampoline. Hilarious! 
She was so excited to be reunited with Cupcake!
 Bailey got to practice some cross country jumping this summer. There was a course set up out in a pasture that she got to practice on a few times.


Cupcake LOVES the water! Bailey had fun riding her through the canal. 

Having a drink.

This little guy was pretty funny! Good thing he has a sweet, patient momma!
Cute buddies!

Watch this video closely. Cupcake started being a little naughty and decided to turn out of the jump at the last second. Bailey almost bit the dust, but somehow she managed to stay on.

 Bailey came to lessons a little sick, and really sore from a race she had run. She didn't really have the strength in her legs for a regular lesson, so she went out on a bareback ride with Isabelle. That was her first time not having a saddle, and she loved it! When they got back, she even tried jumping bareback!

Bailey was getting pretty good at jumping. Diane had her try some things to help her with her balance. She started jumping with one arm extended out, and by the end of the lesson, she could go over 3 consecutive jumps with no hands. Bailey LOVED this lesson!

One handed!

No hands!

We were sad when she had her last lesson of summer. She's going to miss Cupcake a lot through the school year!
She'll miss you Cupcake!
On the day of her last lesson, she got to milk a goat! She was so excited!

Hahaha, she was a little unsure about it at first!
After a few minutes, she was a goat milking pro!
It had rained a ton, so it was too wet to jump on her last day of lessons. She did some other fun stuff instead!

Emergency dismounts!

Thanks for a great summer of riding Diane! We can't wait until next year!

Summer Guitar Recital

Bailey had her summer guitar recital. Her and Mark played Demons by Imagine Dragons. Bailey started teaching Brooklyn Hopla guitar lessons over the summer. Seth wanted Brooklyn to perform in the recital too. So, after only 7 lessons, Brooklyn played Firework with Bailey. They were so stinking CUTE! They both did great! Bailey loves teaching, and has already picked up another student for the upcoming school year. 

Brooklyn and Bailey

Heise Zip Lining

Bailey spent a great afternoon zip lining at Heise with the Wrights. She had so much fun! They had the best guides, and some pretty fun people in their group. 

Bailey and Annie

Love these two girls!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Shootin'

Just a little summer shootin'! These two are pretty dang good!

A Summer With the Chukars!

We had a great summer of Chukars games!

For the first game, Bailey just brought some friends.

Marlee, Jessiny, Bailey, Madi, Annie, Charlie, Elder Varvel, Tanner, Emily, Andrew, Savannah, and Hannah.
 We invited the Egberts to our second game. It was so fun catching up with them! 

Hannah, Bailey, Charlie, Elder Varvel, Savannah, Spencer, Olivia, Frank, and Jeri.
Bailey and Spencer were best buddies since before they could even walk. It was fun to see them together now that they're all grown up. 
Our third game was right before Independence Day. Bailey brought friends, and after the game, we watched Nick's firework show.

Mark, Papa, Grammy, Parker, Jessiny, Kaden, Kaden, Andrew, Tanner, Savannah, and Bailey. 
They found Logan, Colman, and Truman there too!
Nick always puts on a great fireworks show!
 We left Bailey home for one of the games, and just went with couples. So fun! 

We went with Misty and Brian, Becky and Byron, Michelle and Jason,  and Lesa and Brian.
 We brought the Whiteheads to one of the games. Bailey and Marlee did the hamburger race and won! It was pretty funny!

Tanner, Kaden, Payton's cute friend, Payton, Jakob, Lacy, Marlee, Bailey, Elder Varvel, and Charlie.

Those are some pretty cute buns!
 The last game we went to was with the Halls. 

Mark, Jake, Ali, Charlie, Elder Varvel, Izzy, Camille, Clint, Lauryn, Cody, Jakob, Bailey, and Tanner.
 Bailey told Tanner to find some boys for her to flirt with. Boy did that kid come through! Tanner walked right into the middle of a group of 8-10 boys that were there celebrating a birthday, and introduced himself. Bailey about died! When the boys told her to come over to where they were, she ran! Yep, she ran away! She's pretty smooth like that :)! She came running into the suite and told me what happened. I went out and looked over the balcony, and sure enough, there was Tanner with all of his new friends. They asked me to have Bailey come down, and I said I didn't think she would, so they came up instead. Hahaha, I was laughing so hard! I guess she'll think twice before she asks Tanner to find her someone to flirt with next time! They went back and forth between our suite and the boys suite for the whole game. She actually made some new friends, so it all worked out great in the end. Once she got over the embarrassment that is!

Here's a few of the new friends they made!
And this could possibly be my favorite picture from the whole Chukars season!
We didn't have the suite anymore this summer, but we had some tickets left over from it that are good for general admission. We dropped off Bailey and some friends for the last Saturday game of the summer.  The Chukars ended with a win, and there were fireworks after the game. We had some good times at the ball field this summer!

Kaden and Bailey
Madi, Marlee, Annie, Bailey, and Maylie. Jessiny was there too, but had to leave early.