Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a great Thanksgiving! The week was a much needed break from school and our normal routine. We ate a lot of food, watched a lot of Psych, did a lot of shopping, and Bailey played a lot of guitar.
Happy Thanksgiving! Next year the real Sawyer will be back with us!
Thanksgiving dinner for our favorite furry friends! 
Bailey hates shopping, but for some crazy reason, she loves it on black Friday. She likes to be in the middle of the craziness! A girl after my own heart!
Our Thanksgiving puzzle was awesome this year!
 Seth has a group of students who meet once a week to play together. He had a 3 hour rehearsal for them over the break. It was awesome! They spent the first hour learning how to set up all the equipment. Then they played together for the last couple hours. Me and Mark went and listened at the end. The few songs we heard were super fun! They are all very talented, and if they keep working together, I think they have some potential.

Learning how to set up the equipment. 
Calli, Seth, Macie, Bailey, Janessa, Logan, and Grace (they were missing Marissa).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Festival of Trees

Bailey and Mark had their annual performance at the Festival of Trees. Bailey had stitches in her mouth and puffy cheeks from getting her wisdom teeth out over the weekend, so we were a little worried about how it would go. It made her a little bit sore, but they did a GREAT job! I think it was their best Festival performance yet! They did Christmas All Year Long, What Child is This, Shake Up Christmas, Sweet Marry Cried, Rudolph, Oh Holy Night, Just One Night, and Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree. Rudolph was hilarious, and Sweet Mary Cried was amazing. She had several people in tears when she sang that one. Once again they had lots of support from our amazing friends and family.

Bailey Rae 
This was during Rudolph. Mark makes me crack up with his one line!
Love them! 
Papa, Grammy, Mark, Emily, Hannah, Bailey, Marlee, Madi, Julie, Carson, Landon, Kassie, and Grayson
I love these crazy girls!
Bailey and her favorite boys! 
Grammy and Papa are the best!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Our Little Cabbage Patch Doll

Bailey had to get her wisdom teeth out. They were pretty big, so they had to break them into 3 pieces to take them out.  Dr. Oswald said she'd swell and bruise a lot because of where they were in her mouth. She didn't bruise, but she swelled up A LOT! She looked just like a cabbage patch doll! She basically had a weekend of hanging out on the couch doing nothing. Thank heavens for awesome friends who visited her to lift her spirits and help the time go by faster!

She laughed in the car the whole way home. Every time she tried to talk, she would just start busting up.

This picture was taken Friday right when she got home. Most of this swelling is just from being numb.
Madi came over on Friday night to hang out with her. She brought her this cute blanket. The only problem is that those two get laughing, and there's no stopping them.  Laughing is not good the day you get your wisdom teeth out :)!
We thought she looked pretty good on Friday, and then she came down the stairs like this on Saturday morning! I busted right out laughing! She looked like she had a golf ball in her mouth! The pain meds made her sick, so she didn't take any on Saturday. She did really good other than the swelling.
Puffy cheek pictures for Sawyer! She even had fat lips!
Hannah brought her a Jamba on Saturday, and that made her day!
Saturday evening she got Kiwi Loco from Chase! She has the best friends!
She's still swollen and a little sore today, but I sent her off to school. We're hoping the swelling goes down a lot today and tomorrow, because she performs at the Festival of Trees tomorrow night. She was a trooper and handled everything like a champ!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Aggie for a Weekend!

Bailey spent a fun weekend in Logan with Savannah. I dropped her off early Saturday morning, and we picked her up Sunday night. Bailey had tons of fun living the college life for a couple days! They toured campus, went to lunch at their favorite place, painted their nails,  hung out with Savannah's roommates, and went to a USU hockey game.

So glad these two are besties! Savannah has been a great example to Bailey!
Touring campus! I guess if we made Savannah get a picture with the cougar at BYU, then this was only fair. I would actually love for Bailey to consider going to USU. She seems to be warming up to the idea.
Lunch at Firehouse! 
USU hockey game!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Happy 15th Birthday Bailey!

Bailey had already celebrated her 15th birthday a couple weeks earlier at Lagoon for Frightmares. I was worried that her actual birthday would be boring for her. She has amazing friends, so her day ended up being pretty great! She kicked it off with an early morning Temple trip! She didn't even sleep in on her birthday. That's just one more way that she is an amazing example to me. She was spoiled by her friends at school. She got fun presents and birthday wishes throughout the day. Her favorite surprise was in the morning when she first got to her locker. Mason had individually wrapped 28 bags of popcorn and filled her locker with them! DAY MADE! She got a visit from the Temples after school. She had a couple hours of guitar, and Seth had brownies for her. The band sang 'Happy Birthday' to her, and then they learned how to play it on the guitars together. She went to a late dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and then came back to a great surprise from Madi and Emily. They decorated her room with a Psych theme, and it was soooo funny!

I wanted to give her something little on her birthday, and this CD came out at the perfect time! She LOVES Hank Smith! We're so excited to listen to it on our drive to Logan this weekend.
Popcorn in her locker! The popcorn alone was enough to make her day, but it being from a certain guy was the icing on the cake! :)
A visit from her favorite boys!
Emily and Madi started their Psych theme decorating with pineapples going up the stairs! So funny!

Sawyer would have thought this was so great! He's the one who got Bailey hooked on Psych to begin with.
Her room was filled with balloons, streamers, notes, Psych quotes and references, and HILARIOUS pictures! They used pictures of Bailey and the boy she likes, and put their faces on other people in other pictures. We were DYING! We laughed so hard! We haven't even taken them down yet, because it's just way too funny! I love those crazy girls!
So cute!
This was one of my favorites! Every time anyone gets out of our car when we're dropping them off, Bailey tells them to 'do drugs and kiss boys.' 
Quotes and references like this were everywhere! 
Chase kept asking Bailey what she wanted for her birthday. She kept telling him nothing. Then to be annoying, she started telling him she wanted a horse. Hahahaha, this is what he brought her! So funny! Well played Chase, well played! She named him Pork Nut!

Happy Birthday Bailey Rae! I'm so glad your day was great! Love you!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

XC State Meet/Haunted Mansions of Albion

Coen was the only Bonneville athlete to make it to the state meet. It was in Boise on November 1st.  Some of the runners kept going to practice for the two weeks after Districts so Coen would have people to run with. We rented a van and took those kids with us to the State meet, so Coen would have a fan club. On the way back we stopped at the Huanted Mansions of Albion. Such a fun day!

Road trip to Boise! 
Coen and his fan club! Landen, Brian, Coen, Bailey, Mason, Alex, and Cami. 
Coen ran so great!
I love these guys! We were off to the haunted mansions!
The Haunted Mansions of Albion were half way between here and Boise, so it was a fun way to break up the drive for the kids. It's an old college campus in Albion, and they converted each building into a different haunted house. They had the house of clowns, the school of chaos, the zombie academy, the haunted comish hall, and a corn maze. It was so fun!

This creeper liked us a lot. He followed us around for about a half hour before it opened. 
Then he brought friends over with him! 
We eventually ended up with a whole gang of creepers!
Mason didn't seem to mind them too much.
Bailey didn't love them! :) 
Landen was SO funny! He was pretty freaked out, and he had me laughing so hard! When he ran from the chainsaw guy, I couldn't even be scared, because I was laughing too hard.  
Bailey and Mason with their creeper friend!


Halloween night was pretty low key this year. We had already been to Frightmares, and Bailey went to Dr. Slaughters, and the Haunted Mill earlier in October. Plus we knew we would be going to The Haunted Mansions of Albion the next night. So, Tanner came over after school, and they handed out candy until Mason got here, and then they watched When a Stranger Calls. 

Me and Mark had to go pick up a rental van at the airport. I had already told Bailey not to get the costumes out. Apparently she didn't listen. We were gone for less than a half hour, and I came back to Bailey and Tanner acting all innocent. Too bad they still had makeup smeared on their faces. They got the costumes out, dressed up, and had their own little photo shoot all before we made it back. Hahahaha, it was pretty hard to get mad once I saw their pictures! They're pretty dang funny!

Happy Halloween!