Monday, July 27, 2015

Graham Family Reunion

Scott and Cindy organized a big Graham Family Reunion in Fairview on the 24th of July. It was so much fun! We were a little late getting there, because Bailey had run her marathon that morning. We missed the parade, but made it in time for everything else. Mark and Bailey were the entertainment during lunch while everyone mingled. They did a great job! It was fun for the cousins to all be together. The boys had a blast! They are so fun and crazy when they get together.

Lunch time entertainment!
Cousins: Sawyer, Clayton, Noah, and Nathan
The reunion house had goats! So cute!
 After lunch, we walked to Grandma and Grandpa Graham's old house. Then we went to the Fairview cemetery, and Uncle Richard told us stories about the Graham ancestors/pioneers. That night, the boys got to go to the Demolition Derby. They thought it was tons of fun!

Mark, Scott, and Kim in front of Grandma and Grandpa Graham's old house.
Fairview Cemetery
Family history stories from Uncle Richard.
The cousins at Grandma and Grandpa Graham's graves.
Nathan, Noah, Alex, Sawyer, and Clayton at the Demolition Derby! 
 The next morning we got up really early and did baptisms at the Manti Temple. It was really cool, because Sawyer and Noah got to baptize and confirm the cousins. Sawyer stayed with Kim, Russ, and Noah and did a session, and sealings. On his way out, he saw Elder Chapman, his trainer on his mission. That was a super fun surprise! Later that day, a few of us drove up Fairview Canyon. Such a beautiful place! We went through the museum after that. It was fun for Bailey to see the museum that her great grandfather founded, and all of the stuff he had in it. Sawyer went there a lot growing up, while we still lived in Utah, but Bailey was born in Idaho, so she missed all the good times in Fairview.

Manti Temple: Clayton, Nathan, Brooklyn, Cali, Noah, Sawyer, Bailey, Mark, Russ, and Kim.
Fairview Canyon!
Fairview Museum
Fairview Museum
The family in Grandpa Graham's museum room.
Bailey and Mark with one of Grandpa Graham's carvings. 
Chloe gave me and Bailey a tour of the stuff on the outside of the museum.
 After the museum, we headed out to the farm because Richard and Norma had a weenie roast planned. So fun! 

a selfie at the farm!
There were 3 cute and very sweet mules at the farm.
Love these two! Chloe was so cute. She knew Bailey was sore, so she stayed with her and helped her. She got Bailey anything she needed, and even roasted marshmallows for her. She is a sweetheart!
Lunch at the farm!
Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows! 
 That afternoon, we sat around in the backyard and talked and sang. Sawyer played 'Knee Deep' in remembrance of our Lake Powell trip. Bailey was excited to finally get to sing with Amber. They sounded great together. The boys entertained us with some fun musical numbers of their own. Those guys are hilarious! It was a fun afternoon relaxing.

Music time with the family.
 It was a great weekend! It was super fun seeing family members we haven't seen in years, and getting to know new ones. It brought back a lot of memories of our college days, and the time we used to spend in Fairview. It was great for the cousins to spend time together. Noah leaves on his mission in a month, and then Clayton will go next year, so they won't all be together again for a very long time.

Thanks for a fun weekend Fairview!

Deseret News Classic Marathon!

Bailey set a goal when she was 10 years old to complete a marathon before she turned 16. After 18 long, hard weeks of training, she accomplished that goal on July 24th at the Deseret News Classic Marathon in Salt Lake City. We're so so so so so very proud of her!

The Training
Training for a marathon is the hardest part! She was 100% dedicated, and never complained! She printed off her training program, and for 18 weeks she stuck to it without fail! She wouldn't even miss her training runs on vacation! Every Saturday morning she was up with the sun, ready for her long run. It's mentally and physically exhausting, but she handled it like a champ! 

Bailey completing her longest training run. She ran 20 miles. Sawyer ran the last 3 miles with her to help her finish. 
She knew that if she could do the 20 mile training run, that she would be able to complete the marathon.  
After her 20 miler, we had to drive Sawyer back to the river to pick up his car. In the 5 minutes it took to get him there, she was already zonked out in the back seat.
 Race Day
We were so excited for race day! Her friend, JD, was running the marathon too. He was doing it for his senior project. I love seeing awesome kids accomplish huge things! Bailey had to get up at 2:50 in the morning, because the busses left to take them up Emigration Canyon at 3:30. The race started at 5:30. 

Getting on the busses at 3:30AM! 

Here is their "I can't believe we're up this early to torture ourselves" selfie on the bus!
Hanging around at the starting line in the dark. 

We couldn't see them run until they came out of the canyon. We were waiting for her around mile 17. Sawyer ran with her from mile 17 to mile 19, so he could talk to her and see how she was doing. Her body was definitely feeling the downhill at this point, but she still seemed to be in good spirits.
Mile 17
Mile 19
We picked Sawyer up, and then dropped him off again at mile 22, so he could run with her through the hardest part of the race.  
I was waiting for them at mile 23, so I could run the finish with her. This is where she hit the wall! By mile 24 she was in tears and didn't think she could keep running. With every step she took she felt like she was going to pull her quad muscles. Me and Sawyer just had to talk to her and encourage her the whole way to keep her moving. She had a 'theme' throughout her training. It was even printed on her training schedule. It was, "I don't care if this is nuts, and I don't care if it hurts. I am doing it!" I'm sure she had to repeat that to herself several times during this whole process, and especially during the last 3 miles. I'm proud to say that when it would have been understandable to walk, she somehow kept her body running!
Coming down the final stretch!
She did it! She is a marathoner! I got teary-eyed when I saw her cross the finish line. I'm not sure there is much in life this girl won't accomplish.
 Jim and Ann Marie drove down from Idaho to see her finish. They are the best, and it meant a lot to Bailey to have them there. Jim finished his first marathon a couple months before this, so he understands and appreciates the accomplishment. 

Jim, Bailey, and Ann Marie 
We're so glad Sawyer was back from his mission in time to be there for this. He was very proud of his sister! 
Bailey was in a lot of pain, so she enjoyed every second of her post marathon massage.
Not only did they finish, but they both placed in their age groups! They each left with 2 medals! They are beyond awesome! 
Fan club!
Bailey and Emma- these girls have been running together since 6th grade. It was fun to have Emma there! 
Our cute little marathoner!
Time: 4:01:47
Age Group (15-18): 1st place
Females: 32 of 156
Overall: 115 of 396

Congratulations Bailey Rae! We are beyond proud of you! Enjoy your week deserve it!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Water Wednesday -Rexburg Rapids!

Bailey, Emily, and Cami spent the day in Rexburg. They went to the Temple to do baptisms, and then went to Rexburg Rapids for 'Water Wednesday.' An hour before the water park was supposed to close, they made them leave because of a severe weather warning. There was lightening and a tornado warning. Other than having to leave a little early, they had a great day!

Rexburg Rapids 
Cute girls!

Jackson Hole to Jenny Lake...

Mark and I took an awesome bike ride from Jackson Hole to Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park. It was gorgeous! I haven't biked much, and this was a 48 miler, so I was worried about how I'd do. I loved it! We saw a HUGE moose at Moose Junction, a fox, and a deer. We rode along the base of the Tetons the whole time. We stopped to see Jenny Lake, and then rode up a little farther to see another lake. In the process we found several hikes we want to do. I wish the kids had road bikes, because I think they would love this ride. 

The Tetons
It was a fun adventure with this cute guy!
Giant moose 

Lower Jenny Lake 
Upper Jenny Lake