Sunday, June 11, 2017

TNT Guitar Recital

We spent an evening at the river for TNT's Rock On Recital. I love watching all the kids (and a few adults) perform. We've been watching some of them for years, and it's so fun to see how far they've come. I can't believe Bailey only has one year left of this! It makes me so sad just thinking about it. It's been such a big part of our lives for the past 9 years.

Mark, Jessie, and Bailey kicked things off with, 'I Won't Say I'm in Love' for the sound check.
Mark and Bailey performing, 'Road Less Traveled.'
The cutest duo around!
Mason's a good sport! He's sat through a lot of practices and performances!
Maelee started taking guitar lessons from Seth, and she performed the song, 'Brave' for her first recital. So cute! Bailey used to babysit her, and now she's so grown up!
Bailey with the All Star Band.
 I can't wait until Bailey and Grace do a song together! Two beautiful girls with powerful voices!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Idaho Falls Temple Youth Cultural Celebration

All the youth in the Idaho Falls Temple District had the chance to participate in a Cultural Celebration the Saturday before the Idaho Falls Temple was rededicated. It was so AWESOME! 12,000 youth in the Holt Arena bearing testimony of the Temple through song and dance. We've heard it's the largest Cultural Celebration the church has ever had! The kids had been practicing the songs and dances for the past few months, but only in their individual stakes. The first time they all came together to practice was the day before the event. What a huge undertaking to pull off! Just goes to show how amazing the youth in our area are! The arena was so hot! It doesn't have air conditioning, and with that many people crammed in there, I'm not sure how they did it! We were sweating just from watching the celebration from the stands. I can't imagine having to practice in there for 2 straight days! So worth it though! It was a great experience for Bailey, and all the youth in our area. President Eyring and Elder Rasband were there, along with a few men from the seventy. What a great tribute to our Temple! We are so excited to have it opened up again, after being closed for 2 years!

The awesome kids from the Eastview Ward!
This is what it looks like to have 12,000 kids on the floor of the Holt Arena.
Performing, 'True to the Faith.' This was one of my favorites!
The last song they did was, 'The Spirit of God,' and while the kids were singing, a replica of the Idaho Falls Temple was being raised at the front of the arena. So cool! Gave me chills!

Bailey was hot, sweaty, and tired when it was over, but so glad she had the chance to be a part of this.
True to the Faith

The Spirit of God

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, we went to Freeman Park to play disc golf, and look at the flags set up for the Field of Honor. When we got there, they were already taking the flags down. So bummed! I walked the dogs while Mark, Sawyer, Bailey and Mason played 2 rounds of disc golf. When we got back, we had our first hot dog roast of the season! Yay! I can't wait for many more!

Roasting hot dogs!

He's a dweeb! And he stuck that ENTIRE s'more in his mouth!
The puppies love when we are all outside with them!
Best buds!
I have no words for this!

Sundance Zip Lining

For Mason's 18th birthday, his Dad got him a zip lining adventure up in Sundance. Bailey went with him, and they had tons of fun! It has the biggest vertical drop of any zip line in the United States (2,100 feet). They got to go down all of them side by side, so they would race. They stayed at Sarah's house for the weekend, watched Taylor play baseball, and had lots of fun!

The first stop was the store for car snacks!
She kept sending me pictures of them in the car and writing, "ROAD TRIP!"
Getting geared up!
All set!

Bailey said the view from the top was amazing!

Let the racing begin!

All done, and all smiles!

Mesa Falls

We used Mark's Friday off work to take a quick trip up to Mesa Falls. It was pouring rain, so we knew it wouldn't be crowded. We stopped at the lower and upper falls, and then went to lunch in Ashton. 
Lower Falls
Upper Falls
We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Track-Junior Year

Bailey doesn't love track the way she loves cross country. She gets frustrated with the way it's run at Bonneville. Luckily, she has great friends on the team that make it super fun, and she always ends up improving her times, and having a successful season! She decided to run the 2 mile this year, and not do the 800m as much. That was a good choice for her! She ended up improving a ton throughout the year in the 2 mile, and really grew to love it. We love to watch her run!

3200m: 13:26
800m: 2:45
1600m: 6:19
Preston was the first meet of the season. It was uncharacteristically hot for that time of year. We were leaving straight from the meet to go to CA for spring break, so I think her mind was more on our trip then running! She still did great. She started the season with the same 2 mile time she ended the season with last year, so we knew that was a good sign. She wanted her mile time to be a little faster, but it always takes a race of two to get back into the swing of things.

3200m start
Finishing the 800m.

 IF Quad:
3200m: 13:21
800m: 2:47
1600m: 6:14
The second meet was the Idaho Falls Quad at Ravsten Stadium. She did great! She dropped 5 seconds off her 2 mile time, and 5 seconds off her mile time.

Bonneville JV Meet:
200m: 30 sec.
One of the meets at the beginning of the season was canceled, so some of the girls decided to run in a JV meet. They didn't do their normal events. They tried sprinting. So stinking funny! Bailey ran the 200m, and got 2nd in her heat. Hannah ran the 200m in a different heat, and ran right out of her shoe. She ran the whole race with only one shoe on, and won her heat. We were laughing so hard! The distance girls were the only ones out there not using starting blocks.

Hannah, Bailey, and Ezri!
Holly, Bailey, and Hannah!
Bailey is going to be so sad when all the seniors graduate!
 Shelley Invitational:
3200m: 13:19
1600m: 6:08
4X400m relay
The Shelley Invitational is a big meet. Tons of schools and it goes all day! Bailey dropped 2 more seconds in the 2 mile. She was improving each week, but we were still waiting for that break through race that we knew was coming. She dropped 6 more seconds off her mile time, and was slowly getting back down to the 5s, which is where she wanted to be. She also ran the 4X400m relay just for fun.

3200m: It was a hot day!
Start of the 1600m.
Bonneville Invite:
4X800m: 11:08
3200: 13:18
1600m: 6:18
Some of the distance girls decided to try the 4X800m relay at this meet. The girls love the relays!

4X800m relay
3200m: She improved by 1 second again. Slowly but surely making progress.
Rigby Invitational:
4X800m: 11:02 (2:38 split)
3200m: 12:54 (big PR)
800m: 2:39
1600m: 6:00
This was a great meet for Bailey! She ran awesome! It was a two day meet, so she was able to add the 800m back into her line up. Her 4X800m relay team earned a 3rd place medal, so that got things started off right. Then she finally ran that big break through race in the 2 mile and got into the 12s. She ran a 24 second PR!

She starts the 4X800m relay.
Medal stand!
Kayla, Hannah, Bailey, and Sierra
She ran such a great 2 mile! So proud of her!
Mason got all 4 of his wisdom teeth out the day before, but he still came to watch her run!
4X800m relay: 10:39
3200m: 12:51
1600m: 5:51
We love Tiger/Grizz! It's HUGE, and schools come from all over the state, plus the neighboring states. Bailey ran awesome! The girl's ran the 4X800m relay, and although they were ranked last in the district (they had only run it a couple times), they beat all the schools in our district except for one! This was the first time they realized they had a shot at going to the state meet in this event. They were super excited, and wished they had been running it the whole year. One of their coaches told them that if they did make it to state, they would get destroyed. That's coaching at it's finest right there! All sarcasm aside, it just made them mad, so they were going to work even harder to go! Bailey also PRed again in the 2 mile, and had an awesome race in the mile. She finally got her time down to where she likes it. 2 seconds off her best!

4X800m relay

She competed so well in the 2 mile!

Kayla, Bailey, and Mason

High Country:
4X800m: 11:06
3200m: 13:17
1600m: 5:58
Each season there is usually a meet you aren't happy with. This was Bailey's. She was going on 4 hours a sleep per night. She had 2 big AP test she was stressed out about. She had taken one of them that day, and you can't have water in the test room with you. It was super hot, and she felt dehydrated. Mason received his mission call in the mail that day, and she was trying to keep her emotions in check because of that. It was just an all around hard week. She didn't run bad, she just didn't compete the way she usually does. I think she was in survival mode. We thought she was going to have a break down, but she handled everything like a champ!

Their 4X800m relay won by a HUGE amount, because all the other schools ran their JV teams. They were saving the varsity runners for districts the following week.

The 2 mile was rough! A lot of the girls had disappointing races.
4X800m relay: 10:20.8 (school record)(2:31 split-PR)
3200m: 12:40 (PR)
1600m: 5:49 (ties her PR)
800m: 2:37
She ended the track season on a VERY high note! She peaked at the right time! The 4X800m relay team got some bad news the morning of districts. Their anchor runner had a death in the family, and had to leave the state that morning. The girls were devastated! That was their only shot at the state meet. Although they were told by some not to even run it, they held their heads high, and decided they could make up a lot of the difference if they all ran PRs. They ran incredible! Every girl ran a PR (some of them HUGE), and ended up breaking the school record in the process! They didn't make it to state, but they didn't care! They went above and beyond, and proved that it pays to run even when you know you won't win. We were all so proud of them! Then Bailey went on to get a big PR in the 2 mile, and tie her PR in the mile!

First leg of the 4X800m relay. Bailey did awesome sticking with those girls!
Hannah, Bailey, Sierra, and Kayla! So proud of these cute, hard working girls!
Bailey ran a very smart 2 mile!
2 mile
Bailey and Kayla ran an awesome first day of districts!
Ezri, Hannah, Mason, Bailey, Kayla
She ran a great mile too!
The mile.
The 800m.
State Meet Road Trip:
I took Bailey, Hannah, Kayla, and Sierra over to Boise to watch the state meet. Super fun weekend! These girls are hilarious, and the meet was awesome!

Road Trip!
The meet was great! Lots of exciting moments. The girls decided that whoever ends up going to Boise State will come and watch the HS State Meet each year.
Bailey and Sierra
The meet didn't end till late on Friday, so we ended up eating dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe at 9:45 that night.
The girls were hilarious in the hotel room that night! I would start dozing off, and then one of them would say or do something funny, and I would start laughing all over again. 
We were trying to get a good picture of them all up in a head stand. Hannah could not get up. It was so funny!
The girls were stuck in their headstand positions forever, and Hannah would try and try and just couldn't get up. And to watch her try was about the funniest thing ever!
We got up and went for a run around Boise on Saturday morning. The more times I go there, the more I think I would like me and Mark to retire there. I really like it!
Bailey's breakfast of champions!
After we ran and ate, the girls went in the hot tub for awhile.
The meet on Saturday was so fun! We sat in a great section with all these cute grandparents. They would cheer for our athletes, and we would cheer for their grandkids. We were all DYING to see the mile! We all wanted Coen to win it SO BAD! He is such a hard worker, and he gave up running in the 2 mile at state, so he'd be fresh for the mile. He was ranked second, and we knew that to win it, he would have to have an amazing race. AMAZING is exactly what it was! The lead runner pulled away from him a little bit on the last lap. Coen was in second place, and all of a sudden, the 3rd place guy runs up on him. Now we were all a little worried, but this actually ended up being his saving grace. Coen and the 3rd place guy were fighting it out, and in the process, gaining on the leader. On the last stretch, Coen just went after the leader. You could see him digging deep, gritting his teeth, and giving it everything he had. He caught the guy at the line....I mean literally at the line! It was a photo finish! The crowd went crazy! Look at the picture of the times I have posted below and you can see just how close it was! Best race I've ever seen! Stetson got 4th place, so we had two Bonneville distance runners on the medal stand! That race alone made the whole trip worth it!
Check out that time difference! Way to go Coen!
Mason drove over on Saturday to watch the meet. When the meet was over, all of us girls, plus Mason, met Sierra's sister in Mountain Home at a Mexican restaurant for dinner.

Good times! It was the perfect way to end the season!

 Awesome job this season Bailey! I love love love to watch you run!
The end of track always signifies one thing for me.....the start of summer cross country!