Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

We love Father's Day! We love celebrating this guy, since he's hands down the best Dad out there! We  were so excited to give him his present this year! We got him a gift card to Guns N Gear to get a gun, and take the enhanced Concealed Carry class. He's been wanting to do that for a long time! So fun! We had a BBQ for dinner, and made him his favorite cheesecake for dessert.

I hope Sawyer and Bailey realize how lucky they are!
Clearly they got into the spirit of the whole gun thing!

Sawyer teaches Primary, so he filled out one of these for Mark during his class. I'm pretty sure his maturity level might be just below the primary kids he teaches!
Happy Father's Day Mark!

River of No Return Endurance Run

Mason ran the River of No Return Endurance Run. He did the 50K, which is a CRAZY 31 miles! Bailey and I left our Stake Youth Conference a day early so we could go watch him. It was in Challis, so we had to leave our house at 3:30 in the morning to make it in time for the start. We're SO glad we went! He did so awesome! He was the 7th male to finish, and the 1st in his age group (19 and under). He finished in 5 hours and 30 minutes! Let me take a minute to say that he didn't even train! Imagine what he could do if he did train! So impressive! Bailey and I are considering giving it a try next year. 

Right before the start!
The start of a very long day for him!
The trail was beside the road for the first few miles, so we got to see him a little bit before the first aid station.
The first aid station that we could go to was at mile 16. We played games in the back of my car until runners started coming in. We had no idea he would be one of the first ones!
At mile 16 he was still looking and feeling good!

We couldn't see him again until mile 24ish. We were waiting there having no idea how he was doing. A guy we met rode his motorcycle up the road to watch for him. He came back and told us he was only a half mile away! We were shocked that he was still doing so good at that point! The last 6 miles were rough on him, but he kept up a good pace all the way to the finish. Bailey got to run the last mile with him, and she was amazed at how good he was still doing! 
He did it!

1st place!
Good job Mason! What a huge accomplishment!

Stake Youth Conference

Our stake put on a great Youth Conference! All the kids in the Lincoln Stake, ages 14 and up, met at the stake center for breakfast and were put into their groups. Then we headed to the trail head for an awesome hike. The kids had to pick a rock from a big pile, write a trial on it that they are experiencing in their life, and place it in their backpacks, so they could carry it with them on the hike. They had 3 stops along the way where stake leaders would speak to them about different kinds of trials, why we have them, and what we can do about them. It was really cool! When we were done hiking, we went to Darby for the rest of the conference. The kids had some free time, and then Brother Eyring (President Eyring's son) spoke to them. It was SO good! Bailey and I had to leave early, so we missed the rest of Friday night, and all of Saturday. I heard we missed some really great stuff! Mark stayed the whole time, and said it was really good! We have awesome leaders, and awesome kids in our stake.

Bailey was in the black group.
Bailey and her rock!
Sister Chatterton gave the first message about trials. It was so good! 
Wade Harper gave the second message, and President Brown gave the final message. Both of them were awesome!
I think we had about 80 kids there.
Hanging out in the meadow for free time. These guys played hot potato and baseball.
Brother Eyring speaking to the kids in the lodge.
Sophie, Bailey, Brother Eyring, Makenna, and Emily

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bar J Wranglers

We LOVE going to Jackson Hole for the Bar J Wranglers! We skipped last year because Sawyer was just getting off his mission, but we were super excited to take him this year! We stopped at the Snow King Mountain Resort first, to ride the Alpine Slide. We made it half way up the mountain on the ski lift and it started to rain! They closed the ride, so we had to ride the lift back down. We were sooooo bummed! They added a lot to the resort since we were there a couple years ago. They built the Cowboy Coaster, so we decided to ride that. It was SO FUN! Way better than I was expecting! I laughed and screamed the whole way down the mountain! We are definitely doing it again next year! So fun! It totally made up for the Alpine Slide being closed!

Riding the lift up! 
The Cowboy Coaster! It looks like it's one long train in this picture, but each car goes separately.
 Once we were done at Snow King, we headed to Bar Js. They provide the best dinner and show! So fun! 

Like always, my kids were being dumb for pictures!
I finally told them we wouldn't buy them dinner if they didn't smile normal for a picture. It worked! I think this is the only normal one I got all night!
Sawyer with his girlfriend!
Bailey and Mason
We didn't buy these! Sadly, it's because Bailey already owns one!
In case you're wondering, Sawyer is making a J. I just roll with it....some things just aren't worth the battle! :) 
They posed in this scene when the train full of people went by! Hahaha, so embarrassing! The people on the train totally laughed at them. 

This is the best picture EVER! Bailey posed on the swing, so Sawyer wanted to copy her! This is want he did! I was DYING! And yes, we were in public!
The Bar Js put on a great show like always!
A fun summer day well spent!

Upper Palisades Lake

We had a free Friday, so we did our annual Palisades hike. We had perfect weather, and everything was as beautiful as ever! Sawyer had to work, so he didn't come with us this year.

Bailey and Mason led the way. 
This is my favorite bridge crossing right before the lower lake. So pretty! 

We made a friend at the lower lake. We helped him get his cheeks all stuffed! 
The lower lake. 
We didn't see a moose this time, but we saw two bald eagles. 

The upper lake. 

The water is freezing, but they went in!
It was a long, slow process for Bailey!
Ready to dunk!
They are crazy!

We all got a little crazy! Mark and I went in too! 

Getting ready to head back down. 

This is one of my favorite hikes! It never gets old to me. Can't wait till next year. Hopefully Sawyer will be able to come!