Sunday, May 22, 2016


Mason asked Bailey to Prom! He spray painted it on the wall of the 17 mile cave, and hid the can of spray paint somewhere inside. He took her out there a couple days later to see it. So cute! He gave her the can of paint, and she had to circle her answer. She had a really crappy couple of days, so this was the perfect bright spot that she needed. Of course she circled YES!

The asking!
The answering!
So cute! She was so happy! :)
For the day date, their group went mountain biking at Kelly Canyon. Bailey was really nervous, because she had never been mountain biking before. She ended up having tons of fun! 

Kelly Canyon
They had a really fun group! 
Coen & Ezri, Josh & Holly, Justin & Katie, Riley & Emma, Ansel & Morgan, Mason & Bailey.
Jenni did Bailey's makeup again. She had a big dance recital for her girls, but she still worked it in for us. We met her down at the Colonial Theater, and she came out and did it in the car between dances. She's the best!

Jenni giving Bailey pretty, gold eyes.
Bailey was going to have someone do her hair, but there wasn't enough time, so she had to do it herself. I think she did a great job! It turned out so pretty!

She wanted a totally different look from the last dance, and I think she got it!

So pretty!
 Mason came to pick her up, and they seriously looked SO CUTE! 

The corsage!
She did WAY better pinning on his boutonniere this time!

They looked so perfect!

They had dinner at someone's house, took pictures, and headed to the dance. 

At the dance!
Bailey had so much fun! When she got home, she was all smiles! Thanks for being a great date Mason! There's no one else she'd rather spend her first prom with!


Bailey had a great track season! She focused a lot more on having fun and stressing out less. It helped her a lot!

The first meet was in Twin Falls. Bailey got off to a great start!
Twin Falls:
800m: 2:41 (1st place)
1600m: 6:03 (2nd place)
4X400m: 4:42 (3rd place)

Lining up for the 800m.
Finishing the 800m.
Holly, Bailey, and Hannah. Love these girls!
 Skyline Quad:
800m: 2:40 (2nd place)
1600m: 6:06 (2nd place)
4X400m: 4:42 (3rd place)

Jakob, Liz, Hannah, Bailey, and Claire
Shelley Invitational:
800m: 2:38 (8th place)
1600m: 6:03 (7th place)
4X400m: 4:40 (8th place)

Lining up for the 800m.
Running the 1600m. 

4X400m relay.
I love that these two are best friends! They compliment each other perfectly!
Bonneville Invite:
1600m: 5:51 (5th place) *PR
They ran the mile first, so she finally got to run it on fresh legs! Helped her get a PR!
800m: 2:42 (1st place)
4X400m: 4:54 (4th place)
It was freezing, so I didn't get any pictures.

Bonneville canceled a meet at the beginning of the season, so Bailey had an extra one she could run. She decided to do the Rigby JV meet. She wanted to try an open 400m.
400m: 65 (2nd place)
1600m: 6:03 (1st place)
4X400m: 4:45 (1st place)

Running the 1600m.
 Later in the week she ran the real Rigby Invitational.
Rigby Invitational:
400m: 64.6
1600m: 5:58
I'm not sure what her places were, because they messed them up on They have her down for a 'no time' in the mile.

starting the 1600m.
Bailey and Mason!
400m: 65 (18th place)
1600m: 5:57 (25th place)
800m: 2:42 (28th place)
 They didn't end up running the 4X400m relay because one of their teammates was injured and the alternate left the meet early. The girls were SO mad! Bailey decided she was done running the 4X400 after this meet. They changed the team every week, and it started to become a joke. She talked to the girls who were actually committed, and they decided to do the 4X800m relay instead. Bonneville has never had a team for this before. They thought if they ran it once, they would set a school record. :)

Bailey, Mason, The Bee (Preston), Landen, Ezri, Liz
4X800m relay: 10:49 (set school record)
800m: 2:41 (5th place)
400m: 66 (13th place)
3200m: 13:25 (5th place) 
She had never run the 3200m, and since it was at the end of the meet and wouldn't effect her other races, she decided to give it a try. She said it was boring, but she wants to try it next year because she knows she'll do a lot better with fresh legs.

Claire, Hannah, Sam, and Bailey are Bonneville's first 4X800m relay team.
4X800m Relay: 10:30 (3rd place) 
They dropped 19 seconds off their time, and broke their own school record!
400m: 65 (12th place)
1600m (5:49) (8th place)*PR
800m: 2:36 (9th place)
Bailey ran great at Districts! She had a PR in the mile, and reached her season goal to get into the 5:40s. She got a season best time in the 800m, and her split in the 4X800m relay was the fastest 800 she's ever run (2:34). It was a great way for her to end the season!

4X800m Relay
School record holders!

Bailey wanted to PR in the mile at Districts, and to do that, she knew she needed to go out hard. She led the pack for 2 laps, and ended up with the time she wanted. She likes to go out hard and then try to hold on for as long as she can.  Her coach has discouraged that a little bit, but she always ends up with her best times when she does it, so I'm glad she decided to just run how she feels comfortable. It paid off for her! 

Our boy's 4X800m relay team made it to the state meet. Bailey wanted to go watch Mason, so me and her went to Boise for the weekend. It was a fun meet to watch. So much crazy talent all in one place!

Landen, JD, Mason, and Riley-The boys bleached their hair for state. JD took it one step farther and went green. So funny!
Bailey and Blondie!
I've loved watching all these kids run this season! I'm always sad when the season is over. Now the half marathon training begins!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Happy 21st Birthday Sawyer!

Happy 21st Birthday Sawyer! I'm not sure how it's possible that I have a 21 year old! I'm pretty sure I was just 21 myself! After Sawyer got done with work, we took him to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Then he opened his presents. He got a new wallet, a body building book, and Spike Ball. That's about it....birthdays aren't nearly as fun when you're an adult. 

Being dorks at Texas Roadhouse.


Happy birthday!

Mother's Day!

I always get spoiled on Mother's Day! I knew this year was going to be good, because Mark and the kids were super excited about my present. They started telling me how much I was gonna love it a week in advance. Mark was especially giddy about it, so I was very curious! My family is AWESOME! They got me tickets to the Duran Duran concert in Arizona! I'm so stinking EXCITED!!! Duran Duran was to me what One Direction was to Bailey. I loved them and had them plastered all over my bedroom wall. Our anniversary also fell on Mother's Day, so it was fun getting a trip that just me and Mark are taking. We already have some really fun stuff planned to do while we're there. I can't wait till August!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mason's Birthday Adventure!

Bailey sent Mason on the cutest scavenger hunt for his 17th birthday. She came up with fun, cheesy rhymes to get him from place to place. So cute! I had to post about it on here because I love the pictures SO much! 

She gave him his first clue the day before, but he had to wait to open it until 4:00 the next day. It told him a story about a tree she loves at Freeman Park. He had to go there and find her. 
It took him awhile, but he finally found her by the tree. She thought it was so funny! She was watching him drive around looking for her.
By the tree! 
The next stop was dinner at the river. I was always a step ahead of them setting stuff up. It would have been perfect, but the stupid wind kept blowing everything off the table while I was setting it up! 
So cute!

The 3rd stop was Bailey's favorite! She was so excited for him to find the creepy baby at Grammy and Papa's house! When we were helping Grammy and Papa go through stuff in preparation for their move, we found it. Sawyer wouldn't go anywhere near it, but Bailey and Mason carried it around for a long time. Papa kept trying to throw it in the trash, and we kept getting it back out, because Bailey knew she wanted it for Mason to find. So funny! 
The 4th stop was a half hour of video games at our house (which ended up being an hour).
Then she sent him home, but he had to make a final stop at the Temple's house on the way to get his 'real' present.
When he got home, dessert and the famous traffic cone was waiting on his doorstep! 
I love how cute and goofy they are! Happy birthday Mason!