Friday, February 23, 2018


I get together with my crazy friends every Thursday to scrapbook. I'm usually the only one scrapbooking, and everyone else just chats. Last Thursday we started talking about Maddox, and I said, "Let's go to lunch there next week!" So, that's exactly what we did! Once the kids left for school, we drove to Utah to have lunch and do a little shopping! These girls can get me laughing so hard! It's always a good time with them!

Michelle, Tricia, Lesa, Misty, and Becky

A Visit From Noah!

We had a fun, and long over due visit with Noah! We hadn't seen him for almost 3 years! He came up to visit some friends, and check out BYU-I. We want him to go to school up here so bad! He has the cutest personality, and he fits right in with our family! It was so good to catch up!

Happy Valentine's Day!

The LOVE was flowing at our house on Valentine's Day! I kicked it off by making crepes for Bailey for breakfast. Then everyone had a fun treat left at their spot on the counter. Sawyer came down that night, and we had heart shaped pasta and meatballs for dinner, and played games.

Yummy breakfast!

This was the gift for my classic reading, musical loving, bath obsessed Bailey.

The way to Sawyer's heart is with food! He got candy, and a gift card to Tandoori Oven.
Our cute Valentines!

Mark upgraded my phone for me. Mine was starting to give me lots of problems.

I personalized this cute blanket for Mark! I love how it turned out!


Our cute little neighbor girl, Naomi, wanted to be my Valentine, so she brought me a box of chocolates! I love her! She is seriously the cutest thing ever! 

Cute, clever Michelle brought me a Valentine too!
It was a great day with lots of people we love! 


Bailey asked Alex Ledet to her last Sweethearts dance. They've been in the same ward, and have known each other for years. They went from playing neighborhood night games together, to being seniors in the blink of an eye!
Bailey used a pizza to ask Alex to the dance. She wrote on the inside of the pizza box, "Alex, this might be cheesy, but will you go to Sweethearts with me?" I forgot to take a picture, because we were tying to hurry and ditch the pizza at his house before it got cold.
To answer her, he carved YES into a block of cheese with a note that said, "Wow! That was cheesy! It's a good thing I'm fond of cheese!" We cracked up!
Their group went MnM bowling for their day date. They had dinner at one of the girl's houses, then headed to the dance. They said the actual dance was really lame this time, because the DJ was terrible. After the dance, they came to our house for dessert.

Alex's answer!

Day Date: MnM Bowling!

Looking Beautiful!
 Madi said she has always wanted dance pictures taken on my staircase, so I tried to get some cute ones of the girls together. Hahaha, they cooperated about as good as I thought they would!

There we go! I got one good one!

The corsage!

The boutonniere!

Bailey and Alex

Looking good and heading to the dance!

They had cherry lime-aid, a cream puff dessert, and a yummy pudding dessert at our house after the dance.
The whole group got pictures done at the dance, so I'll add those to this post, once Bailey picks them up.

BYU-I Snowshoeing!

We took some of the BYU-I kids snowshoeing. Coach Andersen came with us too, because she wasn't able to go the day we took the cross country kids, and she wanted to try it. We had a beautiful day in Island Park!

Jacy, Tanner, Jacob, Mark, Hans, Julie, Logan, Kendi, Mikayla, Tricia, Bailey

Coach Andersen and Bailey along the river.

Looking good in her cute BSU hat!

Mark and Tricia

Super fun group of kids! We love sharing our hobby with new people!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Special Needs Valentine's Ball

Bailey had the opportunity to go to the Special Needs Valentine's Ball this year. They had so many volunteers, that her and Madi had to share a date. :) They were with William, and had a blast!

I can't believe how grown up and beautiful these two are! They are only 3 months apart, and have known each other since they were born! Now here they are, 18 years old, and graduating soon.

Off to the dance to meet their date!

Bailey and William!

Smart kid, to steal a kiss when he can! :)

Greatest Showman Jam Session!

Bailey LOVES the Greatest Showman soundtrack, and so do our cute neighbor kids. The Lambs came over and had a little jam session. So cute! They sang 'Rewrite The Stars,' and 'A Million Dreams.' 
Bailey, Austin, Abby, Nona, and Naomi

Bailey thinks Austin is a total stud! He is a great singer too, so she wants to get one of her guy friends to sing 'A Million Dreams' with her and Austin. That way all the parts would be covered. It would be so cute!