Saturday, July 15, 2017

Cross Country Palisades Hike!

We had an awesome summer hike with the Rocky Mountain and Bonneville cross country teams! We hiked to Upper Palisades Lake! We had about 35 hikers this year! The summer running program is growing rapidly! We had awesome hikers, great adults helping, 3 cute horses, and perfect weather! It made for a great day! The hike was between 14-15 miles, and the kids were troopers and did great!

Our hiking crew!
Everyone meeting one of the horses before we started!
Here we go!
Alaina, Dylan, Sierra, Mason, Bailey, Lexi, Levi, Parker, Kayla, James, Kaylyn, Breeanne
The Hammers brought 3 horses. They were the sweetest! They even packed a fun surprise up to the lake for everyone!
The scenery on this hike never gets old, no matter how many times I do it!
Taking a break at the lower lake.
The Hammers brought Creamies up to the lake for everyone. The horses packed them in with dry ice. How cool is that?!? It was a fun surprise!
Yay for ice cream!
Bailey was the first one all the way in the water! Not a big surprise there!
Way more people than I expected ended up going in the freezing lake! It's amazing what a little peer pressure can do!
I love this picture so much! Seth and Braydon are hilarious!
Mark was great! He took the lead, and I took the back on the way up. Then he ran back and forth between all the groups on the way down. He got a good workout in, and a few more miles then the rest of us.
I can't believe she is a senior! Next year she will be one of the adult leaders on the hike! Crazy!

So beautiful!
These two earned their ice cream! When they got to the upper lake, they dropped their packs and went down the trail to help everyone else finish. They did the same thing when they got back to the car. They hiked back up the trail to help Levi and Alaina finish. They hiked a few extra miles to help the younger kids who were struggling, and they didn't even think twice about it. That's why I love them so much!
I love doing the summer running program each year. The hike is one of my favorite "practices" of the summer. I've already started thinking about where we'll go next year!

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