Thursday, October 4, 2018

Teton Camping-2

We loved camping in Teton Canyon so much, we decided to go back! This time it was just Mark and I. We found a cute little campsite tucked back in the trees, and it was perfect! We went up on a Thursday evening. By the time we got our camp set up, we only had time for a quick bike ride before it got dark.

Our perfect little campsite in the trees.

Mark had his hammock all to his self on this trip!

Riding on the Sheep Bridge Trail.

We discovered this trail with our pups a couple weeks earlier and really liked it.

We got back to our campsite right as it was getting dark. We were rewarded with this sunset on the way back!
Friday morning I was supposed to run 13 miles on the trails. It was my last long training run before my race. But, I hurt my hip earlier in the week, and I was having issues with my side. I thought I might have been having kidney stones. So, we ended up doing tons of hiking that day instead of running. First we did the Aspen Trail because we figured it would be awesome with fall colors this time of year. We were right! So beautiful! This trail was meant to be hiked in the fall. We did a 9 mile out and back hike.

I hadn't been feeling great, so when we got back to camp, I was more than happy to sit in my chair by the river and read for a couple hours! I could seriously do this every single day!

Mark had a nap while I read.
That afternoon we decided to hike up the Huckleberry trail. We did a 7 miler out and back.

Huckleberry trail!

We had to hike back pretty fast to make it before dark. We had another great sunset to glimpse through the trees on the way down.
Saturday morning we decided to go exploring. We saw a branch off trail a mile and a half up the Huckleberry trail and decided to explore that. I was still not feeling great, and our legs were tired from the 16 miles we put in the day before, so we were hoping for a semi easy hike. That's not what we got! Oh my lanta, we climbed the side of a huge mountain! We just kept getting higher, and the trail just kept getting steeper! We ended up going 7.4 miles, with 3,211 feet of elevation gain. I was so drained on the way back. I'm not usually wimpy, but I really felt like crap. I felt even worse after we had been back at camp for awhile. We decided to pack up and head home on Saturday evening. I found out later in the week that I had a raging kidney infection. That explained a lot!

starting up the ginormous mountain we climbed up!

We finally made it to the mountain ridge! 

We were up almost even with Tablerock, and right on the other side of the canyon. We had a great view of the Tetons, but it was hazy and overcast most of the day.

This picture doesn't do it justice, but the whole canyon was so bright with yellows, oranges, and reds! I wish I had brought a good camera.

I love fall!
Great last camping trip of the season! We got in 3 awesome hikes, and were able to relax a lot at our campsite. The thought of winterizing our trailer makes me so sad! I can't wait till next year!

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